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Six award functions – Stardust, Utsav, Filmfare, Indian Star, Super Star and Movie Ride were hosted by three males – Karan, John and Akshay and three females – Lara, Mallika and Deepika. Three of these award functions were held in Mumbai and the rest in Delhi. Each of these functions was organized by a different magazine publisher – Bandhan, Joy ride, Star, Filmy, Batein and Mr & Mrs (may not be in the same order). Each function was hosted by a male and a female.
i) None of the hosts performed in a city twice and no two award functions were hosted by the same pair of male and female.
ii) The females who hosted Stardust and Utsav did not host the function organized by Batein and Mr & Ms. The male host was same for the functions – Stardust and Utsav.
iii) John hosted Film fare but did not host the function organized by Batein or Bandhan.
iv) Mallika did not host any function with Karan, but hosted Indian Star with Akshay. Lara hosted a function with Akshay.
v) Mr. & Ms. organized the function in Mumbai and Filmy organized the function in Delhi which was hosted by Karan and Star organized Utsav.
vi) Super Star was organized by Bandhan.
vii) Batein and Joy ride organized the functions in the same city. Utsav and Filmfare among function were hosted by the same female.



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