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Q1. Ashish can cover a certain distance in 42 min by running  2/3rd of distance at 4 km/h and the rest at 5 km/h. Find the total distance.
(a) 6 km                  (b) 9 km                  (c) 3 km                  (d) 7 km                  (e) 4 km

Q2. Moving 5/6 of its usual speed a train is 20 min late. Find its usual time to cover the journey.
(a) 90 min                  (b) 75 min                  (c) 80 min                  (d) 60 min                  (e) None of the above

Q3. A cat is noticed by a dog from a distance of 200 m. The cat starts running and the dog, chases it. The cat and the dog run at the rate of 10 km/h and 11 km/h, respectively. The distance between them after 6 min will be
(a) 100 m                  (b) 120 m                  (c) 150 m                  (d) 170 m                  (e) 200 m

Q4. The ratio between the rates of travelling of Amrish and Barinder is 2 : 3 and therefore Amrish takes 20 min more than time taken by Barinder to reach a destination. If Amrish had walked at triple the speed, how long would he have taken to cover the distance?
(a) 30 min                  (b) 35 min                  (c) 20 min                  (d) 45 min                  (e) None of the above

Q5. A Maruti car runs for 3 h at the speed of 40 km/h and then for four and half hour at the speed of 60 km/h. Thus, it covers 3/5 th part of the whole distance. It wants to cover the remaining distance in 4 h, find the average speed of the car for remaining distance.
(a) 25 km/h                  (b) 55 km/h                  (c) 85 km/h                  (d) 65 km/h                  (e) None of the above

Q6. A boy started 20 min late and travelling at a speed of one and half times of his usual speed reaches his school in time. The time taken by the boy to reach his school at his usual speed is
(a) 2 hr                  (b) 1 hr 20 min                  (c) 1 hr                  (d) 3 hr                  (e) 5 hr

Q7. A girl decides to travel 80 km in 8 h partly by foot and partly on a bicycle. If her speed on foot is 8 km/h and on bicycle 16 km/h, what distance would she travel on bicycle?
(a) 27 km                 (b) 30 km                 (c) 48 km                 (d) 64 km                 (e) None of the above

Q8. A train leaves Mehrauli at 6 : 00 am and reaches Dehradun at 10 : 00 am. Another train leaves Dehradun at 8 : 00 am and reaches Mehrauli at 11 : 30 am. At what time do the two trains cross each other ?
(a) 7 : 56 am                 (b) 10 : 28 am                 (c) 8 : 56 am                 (d)11 : 56 am                 (e) None of the above

Q9. The distance between two stations ‘X’ and ‘Y’ is 450 km. A train Lakshmi Express starts at 6 : 00 pm from X and moves towards Y at an average speed of 60 km/h. Another train Mahanadi Express starts from Y at 5 : 20 pm and moves towards X at an average speed of 80 km/h. How far from station X will the two trains meet?
(a) 280 km                 (b) 150 km                 (c) 170 km                 (d) 350 km                 (e) 275 km

Q10. A Maruti car starts running with the initial speed of 40 km/h with its speed increasing every hour by 5 km/h. How many hours will it take to cover a distance of 385 km?
(a) 8 h                  (b) 10 h                 (c) 9 h                 (d) 7 h                 (e) None of the above



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