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Q.1 In how many ways, can the letters of the word ‘ASSASSINATION’ be arranged, so that all the A are together?
(a) 10!              (b) 14!/(4!)              (c) 415800              (d) 3628800              (e) None of these

Q.2 In how many ways, a cricket team of 11 players can be made from 15 players, if a particular player is always chosen?
(a) 1835              (b) 1001              (c) 1635              (d) 1365              (e) None of these

Directions (Q.3-5): Find the number of permutations that can be made from the letters of the word ‘NUMBER’.

Q.3 N and R occupying end places.
(a) 48              (b) 24              (c) 12              (d) 18              (e) None of these

Q.4 M and N being always together.
(a) 180 ways              (b) 240 ways              (c) 480 ways              (d) 200 ways              (e) None of these

Q.5 Vowels being never together.
(a) 360 ways              (b) 480 ways              (c) 120 ways              (d) 100 ways              (e) None of the above

Q.6 If the sum of the lengths of diagonals of a rhombus is 10 m and if its area 9 m^2. Then, what is the sum of squares of the diagonals?
(a) 36 m^2              (b) 64 m^2              (c) 80 m^2              (d) 100 m^2
(e) None of these

Q.7 If the area of an equilateral triangle is x and its perimeter is y, then which one of the following is correct?
(a) y^4  = 432 x^2              (b) y^4 = 216 x^2              (c) y^2 = 432 x^2              (d) y^2 = 216 x^2              (e) None of these

Q.8 The ratio of length of each equal side and the third side of an isosceles triangle is 3 : 4. If the area of the triangle is 18√5 sq units, the third side is?
(a) 8√2 units              (b) 12 units              (c) 16 units              (d) 5√10 units              (e) 15 units

Q9. The area of rectangle lies between 40 cm^2  and 45 cm^2. If one of the sides is 5 cm, then its diagonal lies between?
(a) 8 cm and 10 cm              (b) 9 cm and 11 cm              (c) 10 cm and 12 cm              (d) 11 cm and 13 cm
(e) Cannot be determined

Q.10 What is the area of the larger segment circle formed by a chord of length 5 cm subtending an angle of 90° at the centre?
(a) 25/4 (π/2+1) cm^2              (b) 25/4 (π/2-1)  cm^2              (c) 25/4 (3π/2+1) cm^2              (d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these



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