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Q1.A man purchases a certain number of mangoes at 4 for a rupee and the same number of it at
5 for a rupee. He mixes them together and sells them at 4 for a rupee. What is his gain or loss per cent?
(a) 11 (4/9)% gain                  (b) 11(4/9)% loss                  (c) 11 (1/9)% gain                  (d) 11(1/9)% loss                  (e) None of these

Q2. Sarvesh purchased a radio for Rs. 4000 and sold it at the gain of 35%. From that amount, he purchased another radio and sold it at the loss of 20%. Find his overall gain/loss?
(a)Loss of Rs. 340                  (b)Gain of Rs. 320                  (c)Loss of Rs. 360                  (d)Gain of Rs. 360                  (e)Loss of Rs. 380

Q3. Two lots of potatoes with equal quantity, one costing Rs. 10 per kg and the other costing Rs. 15 per kg, are mixed together and whole lot is sold at Rs. 15 per kg. What is the profit or loss?
(a)30% loss                  (b)30% profit                  (c)20% profit                  (d)20% loss                  (e)Neither profit nor loss

Q4. A dishonest seller sells his vegetables at 10% loss on cost price but uses 20% less weight. What is his profit or loss per cent?
(a)22.5% loss               (b)22.5% gain               (c)12.5% loss               (d)12.5% gain               (e)None of the above

Q5. A seller sells two chairs at Rs. 2000 each. He earned a profit of 10% on one chair and suffered a loss of 10% on other. Net profit or loss is?
(a)4% loss               (b)4% profit               (c)Neither profit nor loss               (d)1% loss               (e)1% profit

Q6. A boy purchased some books worth Rs. 750. Because of some reasons, he had to sell two-fifth part of the books at a loss of 15%. On which gain he should sell his rest of the books, so that he gets break even point?
(a)10%               (b)8%               (c)14%               (d)18%               (e)20%

Q7. A person sold an article for Rs. 136 and got 15% loss. Had he sold it for Rs. y, he would have got a profit of 15%. Which could be possible value of y?
(a)200 < y < 210               (b)180 < y < 190               (c)160 < y < 170               (d)140 < y < 150               (e)130 < y < 140

Q8. Assuming that profit of a truck driver in a particular product is a linear expression of transportation charge (t) and the quantity of product (p). He earns a profit of Rs. 10000 by selling 20 units at the transport charge of Rs. 400. He also earns a profit of Rs. 12000 by selling 25 units at the transport charge of Rs. 600. What is the linear expression in t and p?
(a)600p – 5t               (b)500p – 4t               (c)600p – 4t               (d)500p – 5t               (e)600t  – 5p

Q9.A collector sells an antique radio at 15% above its cost price. If he had bought it at 5% more than what he paid for it and sold it for Rs. 6 more, he would have gained 10%. The cost price of the radio is?
(a)Rs. 1700               (b)Rs. 1800               (c)Rs. 1200               (d)Rs. 1500               (e)Rs. 2000



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