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Q1. By selling a telephone for Rs. 2400, a shopkeeper make a profit of 25%. Then, his profit percentage, if he had sold it for Rs. 2016, is ?
(a) 10%                (b) 6.25%                (c) 6.5%                 (d) 5%                (e) 12%

Q2. Rajesh loses 20% by selling a radio for Rs. 768. What per cent will he gain by selling it for Rs. 1080?
(a) 6.25%                (b) 8.25%                (c) 10.25%                (d) 4.25%                (e) None of these

Q3. Meeta purchased 35 rings at the rate of Rs. 160 per ring. At what rate per ring should she sell it so that profit earned is 20%?
(a) Rs. 180                (b) Rs. 186                (c) Rs. 192                (d) Rs. 194                (e) Rs. 200

Q4. The owner of a TV shop charges his customer 20% more than the CP. If a customer paid Rs. 10800 for a TV, then find its original price?
(a) Rs. 9300                (b) Rs. 8600                (c) Rs. 9800                (d) Rs. 7600                (e) None of the above

Q5. Paresh purchased an I-pod for Rs. 7500 and sold it at the gain of 24%. From that amount he purchased another I-pod and sold it at the loss of 20%. What is his overall gain/loss?
(a) Loss of Rs. 100                (b) Gain of Rs. 60                (c) Loss of Rs. 60                (d) Neither gain nor loss                (e) Gain of Rs. 100

Q6. A person sold a scooter at a profit of 10%. If he had sold it for Rs. 3000 more, he would have gained 20%. Find the CP of scooter?
(a) Rs. 12000                (b) Rs. 14000                (c) Rs. 20000                (d) Rs. 23000                (e) Rs. 30000

Q7. A dealer buys an article marked at Rs. 25000 with 20% and 5% off. He spends Rs. 2000 on its repair and sells it for Rs. 25000. What is his gain or loss per cent?
(a) 21% loss                 (b) 10% loss                 (c) 19% gain                 (d) 27% gain                 (e) 29% gain

Q8. A person bought two watches for Rs. 1600 and sold the first at 10% profit and the second at 20% profit. If he sold the first at 20% profit and the second at 10% profit, he would get Rs. 5 more. The difference in the cost price of the two watches was?
(a) Rs. 35                (b) Rs. 85                (c) Rs. 50                (d) Rs. 90                (e) Rs. 100

Q9. A person bought 8 kg of maize for certain rupees. After a week, he sold 3 kg of maize at 10% profit, 3 kg of maize with neither profit nor loss and 2 kg at 5% loss. In this transaction, what is the profit?
(a) 1%                (b) 1.5%                (c) 2%                (d) 2.5%                 (e) 3%

Q10. A trader earns a profit of 20% by selling a basket containing 80 mangoes whose cost is Rs. 240 but he gives one-fourth of it to another trader at cost price and sells the remaining mangoes. In order to earn the same profit, at what price must he sell each mango?
(a) Rs. 2                (b) Rs. 4                (c) Rs. 6                (d) Rs. 7                (e) Rs. 10




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