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Q1. The cost of manufacturing an article was Rs. 900. The trader wants to gain 25% after giving a discount of 10%. The marked price must be?
(a) Rs. 1500
(b) Rs. 1250
(c) Rs. 1200
(d) Rs. 1000

Q2. A trader buys goods at 20% discount on marked price. If he wants to make a profit of 25% after allowing a discount of 20%, by what percent should his marked price be greater than the original marked price?
(a) 15%
(b) 65%
(c) 25%
(d) 20%

Q3. A retailer buys 40 pens at the marked price of 36 pens from a wholesaler. If he sells these pens giving a discount of 1%, what is the profit percent?
(a) 9%
(b) 10%
(c) 10⅑%
(d) 11%

Q4. The cost price of an article is 64% of the marked price. The gain percentage after allowing a discount of 12% on the marked price is ?
(a) 37.5%
(b) 48%
(c) 50.5%
(d) 52%

Q5. While selling a watch, a shopkeeper gives a discount of 5%. If he gives a discount of 6%, he earns Rs. 15 less as profit. What is the marked price of the watch?
(a) Rs. 1,250
(b) Rs. 1,400
(c) Rs. 1,500
(d) Rs. 750

Q6. The marked price of watch was Rs. 820. A man bought the watch for Rs. 570.72 after getting two successive discounts, of which the first was 20%. The second discount was
(a) 18%
(b) 15%
(c) 13%
(d) 11%

Q7. A bicycle, marked at Rs. 2,000 is sold with two successive discount of 20% and 10%. An additional discount of 5% is offered for cash payment. The selling price of the bicycle at cash payment is
(a) Rs. 1,368
(b) Rs. 1,468
(c) Rs. 1,568
(d) Rs. 1,668

Q8. The difference between a discount 40% on Rs. 500 and two successive discount of 30% and 10% on the same amount is
(a) Rs. 15
(b) Rs. 0
(c) Rs. 20
(d) Rs. 10

Q9. An article is sold at a discount of 20% and an additional discount of 30% is allowed on cash payment. If Vidya purchased the article by paying Rs. 2240 in cash, the marked price of the article was
(a) Rs. 4000
(b) Rs. 4368
(c) Rs. 4400
(d) Rs. 4480

Q10. While selling a cooler, a shopkeeper gives a discount of 10% on the marked price. If he gives a discount of 12% he earns Rs. 35 less as profit. The marked price of the cooler is
(a) Rs. 1,650
(b) Rs. 1,625
(c) Rs. 1,725
(d) Rs. 1,750



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