1)The area of circle is seven times the numerical value of its circumference. What is the circumference of the circle ?

(a) 616 units

(b) 132 units

(c)88 units

(d)Cannot be determined

(e)None of these

2)The circumference of a semicircle of area 1925 sq. cm is equal to the breadth of a rectangle, If the length of the rectangle is equal to the perimeter of a, square of side 48 cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

(a) 734 cm

(b) 754 cm

(c)745 cm

(d)Cannot be determined

(e)None of these

3)If the area of a circle is 616 cm square, what is its circumference?

(a) 76 cm.

(b) 84 cm.

(c) 96 cm.

(d) 80 cm.

(e) None of these

4)A circle and a rectangle have the same perimeter. The sides of the rectangle are 18 cm and 26 cm. What Is the area of the circle?

(a) 88 cm square

(b)154 cm square

(c) 616 cm square

(d)1250cm square

(e)None of these

5)The area of a square is 2.25 cm square. What is its perimeter?

(a) 9.0 cms


(c) 1.5 cms

(d) 4.5 cms.

(e)None of these

6)Inside a square plot, a circular garden is developed which exactly fits in the square plot and the diameter of the garden is equal to the side of the square plot which is 28 metres. What is the area of the space left out in the square plot after developing the garden ?

(a) 98 m square

(b) 146 m square

(c) 84 m square

(d) 168 m square

(e) None of these

7)The area of a rectangle gets reduced by 9 sq. metre if its length is reduced by 5m and breadth is increased by 3m. If we increase the length by 2m and breadth by 3m, the area is increased by 67sq. metre. The length of the rectangle is:

(a) 9m

(b) 15.6m

(c) 17m

(d) 18.5m

(e)None of these

8)A solid metallic sphere of radius r is converted into a solid right circular cylinder of radius R. If the height of the cylinder is twice the radius of the sphere, then

(a) R = r

(b) R = r 2/3

(c) R=2r/3

(d)R = 2r/3

(e)None of these

9)2 metres broad pathway is to be constructed around a rectangular plot. The area of the plot is 96 sq.m. Th cost of construction is 50 per sq. metre. Then find the total cost of production.

(a)Rs 4,800

(b)Rs 4,000

(c)Rs. 2400

(d)Data inadequate

(e)None of these

10)An order was placed for supply of carpet of breadth 3 metres. The length of carpet was 1.44 times of breadth. Subsequently, the breadth and length were increased by 25 and 40 per cent respectively. At the rate of Rs. 45 per square metre, what would be the increase in the cost of the carpet?

(a)Rs. 1020.6

(b)Rs. 398.8

(c)Rs. 437.4

(d)Rs. 583.2

(e) None of these





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