1) 12 percent of the voters in an election did not cast their votes. In this election there are only two candidates. The winner by obtaining 45% of the total votes and defeated his rival by 2000 votes. The total number of votes in the election
A) 50000
B) 75000
C) 100000
D) 125000
E) None of these

2) Sugar contain 5% water .What quantity of pure Sugar should be added to 10 litres of water to reduce this to 2%.
C) 10lit
D) 15lit

E) None of these

3) The price of sugar is  reduced by 3%.How many kg of sugar can now be bought for the money which was sufficient to buy 50kg of rice earlier ?

4) In an examination there are 3 subjects Maths,Science and Social of 100 marks each. Ganesh scores 60%  and 80% in Maths and Science.He scored 70% in aggregate.His Percentage of mark in Social is
E)None of these

5) 60 percent of the employees of a company are women and 75% of the women earn 20000 or more in a month. Total number of employees who earns more than 20000 per month in the company is 60 percent of the total employees. What fraction of men earns less than 20000 per month?
A) 5/8
B) 5/7
C) 1/5
D) 3/4
E) None of these

6) The population of a town is 15000. It increases by 10 percent in the first year and 20 percent in the second year. But in the third year it decreases by 10 percent. What will be the population after 3 years.
A) 16820
B) 15820
C) 17820
D) 19820
E)  None of these

7) If the price of wheat is reduced by 2%. How many kilograms of wheat a person can buy with the same money which was earlier sufficient to buy 49 kg of wheat?
A) 58 kg
B) 60 kg
C) 52 kg
D) 55 kg
E) 50 kg

8) In an election only two candidates A and B contested 30% of the voters did not vote and 1600 votes were declared as invalid. The winner, A got 4800 votes more than his opponent thus he secured 51% votes of the total voters on the voter list. Percentage votes of the loser candidate, B out of the total voters on the voter list is:
A) 5.6%
D) 5%
E) 4.6%

9) Pankaj gave 50 percent of the amount to akash. Akash in turn gave two-fifth of the amount to venu. After paying a bill of 500 rupees, venu now have 8000 rupees left with him. Find the amount hold by pankaj initially.
A) 41500
B) 42500
C) 43500
D) 44500
E) None of these

10) In an examination if a person get 20% of the marks then it is fail by 30 marks. Another person who gets 30% marks gets 30 marks more than the passing marks. Find out the total marks and the passing marks.
A) 600 and 150
B) 600 and 180
C) 500 and 150
D) 500 and 180

E) None of these





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