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1)If a shirt costing Rs. 385 is sold at a loss of 5% of the cost price, find the selling price.

(a)Rs. 364

(b)Rs. 364.74

(c)Rs. 365

(d)Rs. 365.75

(e) None of these

2)If the cost price of 24 articles is equal to the selling price of 21 articles, what is the percentage gain or


(a)100/7 % gain

(b)100/7 % loss

(c)12.5% loss

(d)12.5% gain

(e) None of these

3)Of the two varieties of rice available, variety A is bought at Rs. 32 per kg. and variety B at Rs. 80 per

  1. Two varieties of rice are mixed together in the respective ratio of 8:5 and the mixture is sold at Rs.

72 per kg. What per cent of profit approximately the Seller receives ?





(e) None of these

4)If the manufacturer gains 10%, the wholesale dealer 15% and the retailer 25%, then the cost of production of an article Whose retail price is Rs. 1265, is:

(a)Rs. 632.50

(b)Rs. 800

(c)Rs. 814

(d)Rs. 834.34

(e) None of these

5)The income of a broker remains unchanged though the rate of commission is increased from 4 per cent to 5 per cent. The percentage of slump in business is:

(a)10 percent

(b)15 percent

(c)20 percent

(d)30 percent

(e) None of these

6)A watch is sold at a profit of 20%. If both the cost price and the selling price of the watch are decreased by Rs. 100, the profit would be 5% more. Original cost price of the watch is

(a)Rs. 450

(b)Rs. 500

(c)Rs. 550

(d)Rs. 600

(e) None of these

7)A vendor sells calculators at the rate of Rs. 250 each and earns d commission of 20% on each- He also sells pens at the rate of Rs. 50 each and earns a commission of 10% on each. How much amount of

commission will he earn in three days if he sells 10 calculators and 5 pens a day ?


(b)Rs. 1445

(c)Rs. 1550

(d)Rs. 1450

(e) None of these

8)A person bought 864 articles and sold 800 of them for the price he paid for 864 articles. He sold the

remaining articles at the same price per article as the other 800, The percentage gain on the entire transaction is





(e) None of these

9)Prof. Chatterjee bought a car and got 15% of its original price as a dealer’s discount. He then sold It at

20% profit on his purchase price. What percentage profit did he get on the original price ?





(e) None of these

10) Cost of 4 fans and 3 blowers is Rs. 16,500. Also cost of 2 fans, 2 tables and 2 blowers is Rs. 12.000. Cost of one table is Rs. 1000.What is the cost of 3 fans and one blower?

(a)Rs. 8,000

(b)Rs. 7,500

(c)Rs. 8,500

(d)Cannot be determined

(e)None of these





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