Quantitative Aptitude Quiz- Profit & Loss

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1)A merchant buys two items for Rs. 7500. One item he sells at a profit of 16% and the other item at 14% loss. In the deal the merchant makes neither any profit nor any loss. What is the difference between selling price of both the items? (in rupees)






2)An Item was bought at Rs. X and sold at Rs. Y, there by earning a profit of 20%. Had the value of X been 15% less and the value of Y been Rs. 76 less, a profit of 30 would have been earned. What was the value of X?

(a)Rs. 640

(b) Rs.400

(c) Rs.600

(d) Rs.800

(e) Rs.840

3)A’ bought a certain quantity of oranges at total cost of Rs. 1200. He sold 1/3rd of those oranges at 20% loss. If A earns an overall profit of 10%, at what percent profit did A sell the rest of the oranges?






4)A’ sold an article for Rs. 8000 and incurred a loss. Had he sold the article for Rs. 9800, his gain would have been twice the amount of loss. At what price should the article be sold to earn 20% profit?

(a)Rs. 10,840

(b)Rs. 9,820

(c)Rs. 10,320

(d)Rs. 9,840

(e)Rs. 10,480

5)A trader has 400 kg of rice; He sells a part of it at a profit of 36% and remaining part at a loss of 24%. He overall loses 12% in the whole transaction. Find the quantity of rice sold at 24% loss.

(a) 320 kg

(b) 330 kg

(c) 300 kg

(d) 350 kg

(e) None of these

6)A trader has 600 kgs of rice, a part of which he sells at 15% profit and the remaining quantity at 20% loss. On the whole, he incurs an overall loss of 6%. What is the quantity of rice he sold at 20% loss?

(a)250 kgs

(b) 320 kgs

(c) 420 kgs

(d) 360 kgs

(e) 480 kgs

7)A shopkeeper bough a table marked at Rs. 200 at successive discounts of 10% and 15% respectively. He spent Rs. 7 on transport and sold the table for Rs. 208. What will be his profit percentage?






8)A trader marks up his goods by 50%. However, he could sell only-third of his stock at this price. The half of the remaining stock was sold at a discount of 7.14% and the remaining at a discount of 16.67%. Find the overall percentage profit of the trader.






9)Two mobile phones were purchased at the same price. One was sold at a profit of 30% and the second was sold at a price which was Rs. 2500 less than the price at which the first was sold. If the overall profit earned by selling both the mobile phones was 5%, what was the cost price of one mobile phone?

(a)Rs. 8000

(b)Rs. 5000

(c)Rs. 6000

(d)Rs. 4500

(e)Rs. 5500

10)Mr. X, a businessman had the income in the year 1995, such that he earned a profit of 20% on his investment in the business. In the year 1996 his investment was less by Rs. 5,000 but still had the same income (Income = Investment + Profit) as that in 1995. Thus the per cent profit earned in 1996 increased by 6%. What was his investment in 1995 ?

(a)Rs. 1,02,000

(b)Rs. 150,500

(c)Rs. 1,05,000

(d)Data inadequate

(e)None of these