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Questions Asked in LIC AAO 2019 – All Shifts

Question Asked in LIC AAO Exam : Memory Based “Question Asked in LIC Assistant Administrative Officer“. Questions asked in LIC AAO, LIC AAO Exam Analysis. Number Series Questions Asked In LIC AAO , Quadratic Equation Questions Asked in LIC AAO , English Question Asked in LIC AAO , Puzzles & Seating Arrangement Asked , Reasoning Questions Asked in LIC AAO , Data Analysis and Interpretation Questions Asked LIC AAO , Reading Comprehension Questions Asked in LIC AAO, Number Series Asked in LIC AAO, Inequality Question Asked In LIC AAO .

Dear Readers, LIC AAO 2019 was completed successfully, here we have given the full set of questions asked in LIC AAO Exam which was held on 4th & 5th May 2019 Shift 1,2. Questions that comes in LIC AAO 2019 will help the candidates that are having exam in upcoming Shifts of LIC AAO Exam. Below we have Provided all Section wise Questions Asked in LIC AAO Exam First Slot 2019.

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Question Asked in LIC AAO 2019 :  Quantitative Aptitude / Maths Section

Number Series Questions Asked In LIC AAO Shift 1,2 

212, 242, 278, 324, 392, 482, 602

12, 13, 28, 87, 351, 1765, 10596

189, 701, 1044, 1263, 1385, 1449, 1476

9, 18, 76, 432, 3456, 34560, 414720

12, 18, 30, 48, 72, 126, 204

  • A train 200 m long moving at the speed of 25 m/sec. crosses a man moving at a speed of 5m /
    sec in the same direction. Find the time taken by train to cross the man?
  • A started a business by investing Rs 12,000. After 7 months
    B joined him with some money. After a year the total profit was
    equally shared between the two. Find the amount invested by B.
  • In a simultaneous throw of two dice, find the probability of getting a sum of 6
  • In one liter of mixture of alcohol and water, water is 30%. The amount of alcohol that must be
    added to the mixture, so that the part of water in the mixture becomes 15% is
  • Two pipe A and B can fill a cistern in 15 hours and 12 hours respectively. Both pipe opened
    simultaneously, due to a leakage in cistern it take 20 min extra to fill it up. Find the time taken by
    the leakage to empty the full cistern alone.
  • The ratio of the age of father and son is 8 : 1. Father is 6 years older than mother. The ratio of
    the age of the son and mother is 1 : 7. Find the age of the father.
  • The total cost price of the two products is Rs 4400. One product sold at 15% profit while
    second product sold at 18% loss. If neither profit nor loss occur than find the cost price of the first
  • A man deposit 10% of his salary in PF. He saves 30% of the remaining. The ratio of his expense
    on medicine and groceries is 3 :4 of the remaining salary after saving. If his expense on the medicine
    was Rs 8100. Find the monthly salary.
  • The surface area of the sphere is 616 cm2. Find the perimeter of the square if the diameter of
    the sphere is two times of the side of the square.
  • A boat which sails at 10 km/h in still water starts chasing in
    upstream directions, from 10 km behind, another one which can
    sail at 4 km/h in the upstream direction. After how many hours it
    will catch up if the stream is flowing at 2 km/h:
  • The area of the rectangle is four times of the area of the square. If the length of the rectangle
    is 60 cm and breadth of the rectangle is equal to the side of the square, then find the side of the
  • Ratio of efficiency of A and B in completing a work is 3 : 4. Both started to work together but A
    left after 2 days. Another person C joins B and they together complete the remaining work in 6 days.
    If A and B together can complete the work in 8 days then C alone can complete the work.
  • A, B and C invested in a business in the ratio 6 : 8 : 9. The time invested by A , B and C is in the
    ratio of 4 : 3 : 4. If profit of B at the end of year is 16750 then what is the share of profit of C.

Question Asked in LIC AAO 2019 : English Section

Reading Comprehension Questions Asked in LIC AAO Shift 1,2 

Read the following passage and answer the following questions. Some words
are highlighted to help you answer some of the questions
If you’re like most people, calling an insurance company isn’t among your favorite activities. That’s because
the insurance industry is one of the least innovative areas for customer experience, meaning that
customers typically come away from their interactions disappointed and dissatisfied. However, things are
definitely changing, and artificial intelligence is playing a large role. The fast-growing technology has the
potential to disrupt the entire industry and greatly improve the insurance customer experience. The
insurance agency is notorious for its outdated processes. Filing a claim often looks the same today as it
did decades ago because the industry isn’t consistently leveraging new technologies that are available to
them. If an employee is busy or on vacation, a claims request could sit still until the right person is back.
The outdated processes make it harder for agents by increasing the workload and forcing them to work
with antiquated systems and frustrated customers. However, AI can be applied to improve the claims
process. Claims currently are touched by multiple employees. However, a new process of “touch less”
claims is introduced in the industry. This process uses artificial intelligence and other technology to report
the claim, capture damage, audit the system, and communicate with the customer. The potential here is
huge, as the process could allow clients the chance to file claims without having to wade through red tape.
Companies that have already automated some aspects of their claims process have seen a significant
reduction in processing times and quality.AI-powered claims could also fight against one of the most costly
elements of the insurance industry: fraudulent claims, which cost the industry more than $40 billion a year.
Instead of relying on humans to manually comb through reports to catch inaccurate claims, AI algorithms
can identify patterns in the data and recognize when something is fraudulent. The industry is definitely
ripe for AI disruption. Customers expect to be able to interact with companies through modern technology;
a recent survey found that 74% of consumers say they would be happy to get computer-generated
insurance advice. Many insurance companies are already using artificial intelligence to some degree, and
the number of companies following in their footsteps is sure to increase dramatically over the coming
Artificial Intelligence has never been less expensive or more accessible, which means most companies don’t
have a reason not to adopt it in at least some form. Chatbots work through messaging apps many customers
already have on their phones, which makes them a natural next step in customer interaction. In order to
truly be effective, chatbots must have natural language processing and
sentiment analysis so they can understand what customers are really
asking. Effective chatbots can process concerns that are either typed
or spoken from customers and provide personalized service.
In the insurance space, chatbots can be used to answer basic questions
and resolve claims, as well as sell products, address leads, or make
sure customers are properly covered by their insurance. Insurance is
a competitive market, so a strong marketing strategy is vital.
Traditionally, insurance companies used blanket methods like cold
calling customers, but today’s customers expect personalized sales
tactics. AI can pull in customer data to create a full profile that can be used to offer only relevant insurance products and remember a customer’s preferences. Instead of spending valuable time and money on the underwriting process, which typically includes invasive
questions and surveys about to dictate premiums, Artificial Intelligence could automate the entire process.
Bots could potentially scan a customer’s social profile to gather information and find trends and patterns.
For example, someone who has a healthy lifestyle and a steady job may be able to be connected to being a
safer driver, which could lower insurance premiums. AI can analyze data better than humans to more
accurately predict each customer’s risk, thereby providing customers with the right amount of insurance
and companies with protection from risky customers.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words to make a grammatically correct
and contextually meaningful sentence.
Insuring body parts has a surprisingly exotic connotation, despite the morbid subject matter. There are
various insurance schemes _____(81)_____ property, life, health and automobiles, but until recently, nobody
would have thought of having separate body parts insured. Now it is possible to have their body parts
insured with an insurance company. If you are a Footballer, you can insure your legs as this body part is
_____(82)_____ you to earn your bread and butter. This policy is usually taken by celebrities all over the
world as they can afford the high expenses associated with it. Body part insurance is part of Specialty
insurance which has already gained a good market abroad. Body part Insurance is usually taken and issued
to celebrities who stand to lose from damage or injury to their body part and this policy _____(83)_____ the
business loss to a celebrity for that part of their body or talent that is important for their business. It is still
possible to put a price on body parts under general insurance policies. The payout from dismemberment
tends to depend on how critical that individual part is to your ability to function as this relates to the level
of _____(84)_____. These celebrities can afford to pay the _____(85)_____ insurance premiums on these kinds
of policies because they are wealthy and the insured body parts are essential to their work. These stars
claim that the loss of use of these body parts would mean that they would no longer be able to generate an
income. Essentially this would be the same as a driver losing his eyesight or a programmer losing the use
of her hands.

Out of the following given sentences find the one which doesn’t make a coherent
passage after the rearrangement and based on that arranged sequence answer the following
(A) However, in order for continuous success to take place; it is the Government’s responsibility to provide
the youth with proper facilities for, getting equipped with the knowledge of the modern era.
(B) Banks have been focusing on laws, policies and legal frameworks that have been developed with the
participation of young people and which help them realize their full potential.
(C) They also need to know how to read, write, think, understand, analyze, and discuss the issues their
country faces.
(D) The entire success of the nation depends on the youths.
(E) The primary role of young people is to get a good education in order to become better citizens of
(F) They need to learn skills to do the job that their country’s economy

Question Asked in LIC AAO 2019 : Reasoning Section

1) 7 workers working on 7 different days. Starting from Monday to Sunday. V works before Wednesday. There are 3 people between V and J. U works immediately before P but not on Saturday. Only three-persons are between P and M. G works before M.

2) Ten persons sitting in a row facing north direction. A sits forth from one of the ends of the row. C sits third to the right of D. B sits at one of the ends of the row. G sits immediate left of F. Neither G nor F is an immediate neighbor of C and E respectively. The same number of persons sitting towards the left of D as well as towards right of E. Two persons sits between B and H. No one sitting towards left of I.

3) There are 9 persons sitting in a circular table facing towards the center. A sits second to the right of B. H sits second to the left of D. Only two people sits between A and H. H is not an immediate neighbor of B nor G. C sits opposite G. F sits immediate right of the one who faces H. E is not an immediate neighbor of G.

4) 6 persons teaches his favorite subjects in the months of January, April, and May either of the date of 15th or 28th. T teaches his subjects in the month of having 30 days. One person sits between T and the one whose favorite subject is Geography. The one who teaches Geography teaches one of the months before T. Same number of person teaches after U and as well as before V. U and V does not teach History nor Mathematics. The one who teaches English teaches in the month of having 31 days but not on an odd-numbered date. More than three-person teach between S and W. The one who teaches Science teaches one of the months before Hindi. One of the people is R.

5) If in a certain code MONEY is coded as NNODZ and as well as SIGHT is coded as THHGU. Then what will be the code of LENGTH?

6) Ten persons i.e. A, B, C, D, E, P, Q, R, S and T are sitting in a single row and all are facing to the North direction,
but not necessarily in same order.
A sit 4th from the extreme end. Three persons sit between A and B. C sits immediate right of B. Two persons
sit between C and D. Three person sits between R and C. R sits immediate left of P. E sits to the right of R.
Two persons sit between S and T. S sits to the left of T.

7) Point A is 20m east of B. Point D is 15m west of point C. Point E is 45m south of point D. Point C is 30 m
north of point B. Point F is 15m north of point A. G is the midpoint of point B and point C. 

8) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions below:
Six Teacher i.e. P, Q, T, R, Sand U attends seminar on two different dates 15th and 28th of three given months
viz. January, April and July. They all attend the seminar of different subject i.e. Physics, Economics, History,
Chemistry, Biology and Geography, but not necessarily in the same order.
T attends the seminar in the month having 30 days. Only one person attends the seminar between T and
the one who attends seminar of Geography. Only three teachers attend the seminar between History and
Geography. Number of persons attending the seminar before Q is same as the number of persons attending
the seminar after the one who attend seminar of History. Only two person attends the seminar between Q
and the one who attend the seminar of Physics. R attends the seminar of Biology. U attends the seminar
immediately after S. S does not attend the seminar in the month having less than 31 days. Q and P does not
attends the seminar of Economics and Geography.

9) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Nine persons i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and J are sitting in a circular table but not necessarily in same order.
All are facing towards center. A sit 2nd to the right of B. F sits 4th to the left of A. Two persons sit between C and F. G is immediate neighbor
of J. G sits 2nd to the right of H. D sits 2nd to the left of E. E is not an immediate neighbor of A. 

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