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Questions Asked in RRB ALP & Technician Exam – 21st Jan 2019

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As we all know, the Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician CBT 2 is being started online from January 21, 2019 and these RRB ALP Exam will be held till 23rd January and these examinations will be organized at various examination centers across the country by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB).

This article will consist of all the section-wise questions asked in RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam held on 21st jan 2019. Here, we have tried to collect questions asked in RRB ALP Exam in all shifts. All these questions will prove helpful for the candidates who are yet to appear for the exam. We have also tried to provide all the questions here and with time, we will keep on adding questions to this post.

Questions Asked in RRB ALP & Technician Exam 2019

Here we are providing Questions Asked in RRB ALP Exam 21st January 2019 so that all other aspirants can get an overall and clear idea about exam pattern and difficulty level. Here you find all questions asked in RRB ALP exam conducted on 21st jan–

Questions Asked in RRB ALP 21st Jan 2019 – 3rd Shift

RRB ALP Exam Analysis 2019 Shift 3 – Numerical Ability

  • Distance between two coordinates (-5,4)(1,4)
  • A+B=7, AB=12, A2+B2=?
  • If a finishes 25% work in 3 days. B does 50% work in 18 days. Together they will finish in how many days?
  • 10 of 1000% of 10%?
  • Principle, Rate and Time = given, Find CI

RRB ALP Shift 3 Exam Analysis 2019 – Reasoning Ability

  • Syllogism
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Alphabet
  • Analogy
  • Blood Relation

RRB ALP & Technician Exam Analysis Shift 3 – Basic Science & Engineering

  • Which has the highest specific heat?
  • If a ball is thrown at 30m/s, what will be the height attained if it falls down in 1/4 seconds?
  • Who gave the principle of Buoyancy?
  • What is the dimension of speed?
  • Unit of Thermal Conductivity?
  • Questions related to transformers
  • Questions related to ohm’s law
  • Questions on series and parallel
  • Question related to 6 cylinder engine
  • Binary to Hexa and Octa conversion
  • Questions on Chipping angle
  • Constant of Gravitational constant?
  • What is the unit of strain?
  • What is non-attainable efficiency by any machine?
  • Questions related to momentum
  • Question on gauge and spark
  • Where is piston placed in a piston ring?
  • Clearance angle of inlet valve?

RRB ALP & Technician Exam Analysis Shift 3 – General Awareness

  • Who is the captain of Indian Women Hockey team?
  • who is the Chief Justice of india?
  • Who was the head of the committee for constituting constitution?
  • Who won the Asian Hockey world cup?
  • Question on Books and Author
  • Question on shikhar Samelan
  • Chief of Badminton association
  • Who won the recent U-19 world cup?
  • Question related to IPL
  • Question related to Governor in India

Questions Asked in RRB ALP 21st Jan 2019 – 2nd Shift

  • Which team played IPL 2018 finals against Chennai Super Kings?
  • 5.63×5.63+11.26×2.37+2.37×2.37
  • A coin’s radius, density & width was given. Students have to find out Mass.
  • Diameter Symbol in Engineering Drawing?
  • Question related to the name of the circular line which represents the center of holes (Eng Drawing)
  • Questions based on Wedge
  • Which of the following is a type of Class III lever?
  • Dimensions of Joule?
  • Two resistors of 20 Ohm and x Ohm were Joined in parallel. The total resistance was 15 ohm. Find x?
  • Five 2 Volts batteries are connected in parallel. Find the potential difference across their terminals.
  • Frequency of Tuning Fork was asked. Wavelength & Speed of Sound was given. 
  • There were many questions based on “Specific Heat” topic.
  • Length of the shadow of the tree is root 3 times the length of the tree. Find the angle of elevation of the sun?
  • 2 Questions based on Pythagorean Triplet
  • Nature of roots of the eqn: X^2 + 8X + 16
  • Which of the following is not a CFC gas?
  • Which of the following parts controls the intensity of light in Human Eye?
  • Slope based Co-ordinate Geometry question.
  • There are two bags of the same color. First Bag has 4 Black & 3 Red balls. The second Bag has 3 Black & 2 Red Balls. After mixing both the bags in a different bag, a ball is drawn twice (one by one) at random. Find out the probability that one ball is black & one ball is red.
  • One question related to Taj Mahal

Questions Asked in RRB ALP 21st Jan 2019 – 1st Shift

  • Basic Science & Engineering Questions Asked In RRB ALP & Tech CBT 2 Exam

  • Find the value of mass when the value of force is given?
  • Time and Work, Man day hour (Finding Efficiency)
  • Height and time is given. Find velocity?
  • Binary related questions
  • Two numerical based on Specific Heat.
  • Questions related to Density and Volume.
  • What is the SI unit of acceleration?
  • One question from Auxiliary line.
  • Power based question.
  • What is the SI unit of power.
  • formula based question from speed & velocity.
  • Find heat, if specific heat & temp was given.
  • 2 resistance given in series & In 2 in parallel. then find the value of current?
  • Which of the following is 3 level machine?
  • First aid: what is the full form of “E” in RICE
  • Processing takes place in?
  • One question from Hard Disk
  • Questions from projections
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning Questions Asked In RRB ALP CBT 2 Exam

  • Blood relation – 2-3 Qs.
  • Direction and Distance – 1 Qs.
  • Analogy – 2-3 Qs.
  • Clock and calendar (Angle related) – 1 Qs.
  • Series – 2-3 Qs.
  • Statement and Conclusion
  • Statement and Assumption
  • General awareness and Current Affairs Questions Asked In Railway ALP & Technician Stage 2 Exam

  • Who is the highest goal scorer in the Indian Football team? Sunil Chhetri
  • Which of the following is not a CFC gas?
  • Question related to Taj mahal
  • Which team played IPL 2018 finals against CSK
  • Who is the recently appointed president of Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC)? Himanta Biswa Sarma
  • Which country does not belong to the group of the middle east country? Honduras
  • Where is Angarwat Temple situated? Cambodia
  • ‘My Unforgettable Memories‘ is the autobiography of which of the chief minister? Mamata Banerjee
  • White light spectrum was first used by whom? Issac Newton
  • Which class of lever requires bearing support?
  • Definition based question on Mechanical Advantage.
  • 1 Horse Power =___________watts
  • 1 KwH= __________Joule
  • How many kinds of views can be obtained using an auxiliary view? Three
  • One question based on planes.
  • What is the unit of Electrical Resistivity? ohm⋅metre (Ωm)
  • A clinometer is used to measure? It is used to measure the height of things that one possibly can’t reach the top of for instance flagpoles, buildings, and trees.
  • One question on Class III lever.
  • 0.35,0.49,0.63,0.77, ?
  • Who is known as ‘The Pablo Picasso of India’? MF Hussain
  • Who got Bharat Ratna for the first time in sports? Sachin Tendulkar
  • Folk dance of Jammu & Kashmir – Rauf
  • Military exercise held between India and US is termed as- Vajra Prahar
  • Who is the New President of IBF 2018?
  • Who got first Bharat Ratan Award?
  • India’s rank in happiness index?
  • “Unforgettable memories” autobiography of which minister?
  • Militry exercise held between india and us- Vajra prahar
  • Jammu kashmir  dance- Rauf
  • Angorwat temple-cambodia
  • Mathematics Questions Asked In RRB ALP & Tech CBT 2 Exam

  • Total area of a rhombus is 98 m2. Find the largest diagonal?
  • The ratio of ages of 2 people is A=4: B=5. After 6 years, the ratio of their ages will be 6:7. What is the present age of B?
  • (X-3)2 – (Y-2)2 =0
  • Technical Trade Questions Asked In RRB ALP CBT 2 Exam

  • RRB ALP Stage-II Part-B “Physics”

    • Find the value of force, if mass & acceleration given?
    • What is the SI unit of Force?
    • Mass was given, then find the value of distance.
    • One question from projectile.
    • Numerical based questions from Work & Energy.
    • How current will flow Paramagnetic substance?
    • Which colour gets Dispersed maximum?
    • Find the value of power, if focal length was given.
    • Eye lens is made of which lens?
    • Ration of Uranium in nuclear fusion?
    • – Angle of deviation asked when angle of incidence = 15 degree
    • – Focal length asked
    • – Kinetic energy asked to be calculated
    • – related to speed and velocity
    • – mass and density
    • – related between potential and kinetic energy in a numerical
    • – dimensional formula asked
    • – Unit of momentum

    RRB ALP Stage-II Part-B “Mathematics”

    • Angle of Elevation was given then find the value of height of shadow?
    • Questions form terminating decimals
    • Simplification
    • find factors of a quadratic equation
    • Find slope of the given equation?
    • related to diagonal of cube
    • relation between mean, median and mode
    • LCM of 48, 54

RRB ALP Exam Analysis CBT 2 & Questions Asked in All Shifts – 21st January 2019



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