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RRB Group D Exam Analysis & Review 17th September 2018 All Slots

The Railway RRB Group D Exam exam started from 17th September 2018. Aspirants who wish to appear in the exam in later shifts will eagerly look for RRB Group D exam Analysis & RRB Group D Review. Here we bring you the slot wise analysis of RRB Group D Exam held on 17th September 2018. You can check overall difficulty level of examination, good attempt, section wise exam analysis, safe attempt, etc.

Questions Asked in Railway RRB Group D Exam 17th September 2018 All Shifts

RRB Group D 17th Sept Exam Analysis 2018 Section Wise (All Shifts)


Section Level Good Attempts
Mathematics Moderate 14-18
General Intelligence & Reasoning Easy 23-26
General Science Easy -Moderate 12-16
General Awareness on Current Affairs Moderate 12-14
Overall Moderate 66-71


Railway Group-D Mathematics

In Railway Group-D Exam 2018, Mathematics was of modeate Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative.

Some questions from exam:

  • sec^4X – sec^2 X = 3 then tan^4X + tan^2 X =?
  • If A works in 22 days and B completes it in 33 days. If A left work before 3 days then in how many days total work will complete?
Topic No of Questions Level
S.I, CI 2 Moderate
Pipe & Cistern 1 Easy-Moderate
Profit/ Loss 3-4 Easy-Moderate
Ages 1 Easy
Time and Work 2 Easy
Geometry (circle) 1 Easy-Moderate
Time, Speed and Distance 2 Easy
Average 1 Easy
Trigonometry 3 Easy-Moderate
Percentage 2 Easy-Moderate
DI (Pie Chart) 2 Moderate
Misc. 5 Moderate
Total 25 Moderate


Railway Group-D General Intelligence & Reasoning

In Railway Group-D Exam 2018, General Intelligence(Reasoning) questions were of Easy level. There were 2 questions from calendar.

Topic No of Questions Level
Syllogism 4-5 Easy
Venn Diagram 2-3 Easy
Methematical Calculation 2 Easy
Mirror Image 1 Easy
Odd one out 3-4 Easy
Coding-Decoding 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Analogy 7-8 Easy
Series 2 Easy
Direction 2 Easy
Statement & Conclusion 2 Easy-Moderate
Counting Figure 1 Easy
Calendar 2 Easy
Total 30 Easy

Railway Group-D General Science

In Railway Group-D Exam 2018, Questions from Science were directly based and of easy-Moderate level. No formula applying questions were the part of the exam.

Some questions asked in 1st shift of today’s exam are given below:-

  • How many water molecules are present in washing soda?
  • One question from Newton’s law.
  • One question on pH level of salt
  • one question on reproduction of plant.
Topic No of Questions Level
Physics 9-11 Easy
Chemistry 7-9 Moderate
Biology 8-11 Easy
Total 25 Easy-Moderate

Railway Group-D General Awareness on Current Affairs

In Railway Group-D Exam 2018, General Awareness on current affairs questions were of moderate level. Because current affairs were asked from year 2016 & 2017

Total Questions: 20
Some questions asked in exam are given below:-

  • एक क्वेश्चन पूछा गया है कि हाइड्रोमीटर से क्या मापा जाता है
  • दूसरा पूछा गया है की लिमोनाइट किसका अयस्क होता है
  • और एक प्रश्न पूछा गया है कि लौंग का सबसे बड़ा उत्पादक राज्य कौन सा है
  • nacl ka ph value
  • Hcf lcm que
  • Easy of living index 2018
  • Best city award-pune
  • भोपाल गैस में कौन सी गैस फैली थी
  • सबसे हल्की गैस कौन सी है
  • क्लोरोफॉर्म का रासायनिक नाम क्या होता है
  • लक्स किसकी इकाई होती है
  • भारतीय रेल स्वच्छ सर्वेक्षण में सबसे साफ़ स्टेशन
  • CEO of Apple
  • प्रेशर की यूनिट क्या है
  • मनुष्य के अंदर कितनी पसलियां होती है
  • Man booker prize
  • 100 वी स्मार्ट सिटी कौन सी है-shilong
  • Hcf lcm que
  • Ek chemistry me mass no krke tha
  • चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य के बेटे का क्या नाम है??
  • padmavati me alowddin ka role kisne kia ??
  • pahado ki rani kise kha jata h
  • v= 18volt , c= 4 , I =?
  • India ke khel mantri kon he
  • Bihar ke governer kon he
  • Conclusion 8_9 questions
  • Sabse hot blood kis ka h
  • triangle ki shirsh ki coordinate diye the triagngle ka area
  • uefa player of the year 2018 football
  • Which one is true 9/16>13/24, 9/16<13/24, 9/16=13/24
  • Oscars held in country Usa, Uk, Rusia
  • Many questions in implicit and venn diagram
  • mirror and find next image……
  • Where zygote is developed
  • 21 जनवरी सन 1988 को कौन सा दिन था
  • X have 25000 rs he repair 20 %of money in somthind and 30 % in other thing so how much he left
  • Odisha ke cm ka pucha tha
  • Where the heart is placed in human body?
  • Who will lead the joint session if loksbha speaker and deputy speakar absent….?
  • Odd one out? Crow, duck, monkey,squirrel
  • Garam blood kiska hota hai.
  • oscar award kis desh diya jata hai.
  • uch sadan kaunsa hai.
  • Math bhinn o ka hcf .ci me 1/2brsic intereste.
  • Indian post payment Bank ko kis ne inagurate kiya
  • 160000 10% 2 year halfyear k liye compound intreat
  • 4 ratio diye the Hcf pucha tha
  • Tree ke tne ka lachilapan kiske karan hota hai
  • Apple के बाद 900 ट्रीटय banne wali kaon
    1 facebook
    2 wolmod
    3 amazom
    4 goole
  • Champaran andolan kis state m hua
  • Algebra m a^3+b^3+b^3 _3abc =0 pe ek question
  • And trigonometry ka 1 question
  • Chloroform ka sutr
  • Molecular mass of HNO3

Pattern of RRB Group D Recruitment Exam 2018:

Duration of CBT (Computer Based Test): 90 Minutes (120 minutes for eligible PWD candidates accompanied by scribe)

Sr. No.


No. of Questions





General Intelligence and Reasoning



General Science



General Awareness and Current Affairs


Questions Asked in Railway RRB Group D Exam  17th September 2018 All Shifts

RRB Group D Exam Timing 2018 

Shift -1 Shift -2 Shift -3
Reporting Time 7.15 AM 10.45 AM 2.15 PM
Gate Closing Time 8.15 AM 11.45 AM 3.15 PM
Exam Start Time 9.00 AM 12.00 PM 04.00 PM


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