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Questions Asked in ESI Section | FM Finance & Mgmt Section In RBI Grade B Mains Exam 2016 PDF Download

RBI Grade B ESI (Economics & Social Issues) & FM (Finance & Management) Question PDF :- As RBI Grade B Officer Phase 1 Exam is already over and Aspirants must be looking for the questions that are asked in ESI & FM section of RBI Phase 2 exam in 2016. So, we are proving the Memory Based question that are asked in RBI Grade B Mains exam in ESI & FM. you can download the free pdf also from below link :-

RBI Grade B Officer Phase 2 ESI (Economics & Social Issues) & FM (Finance & Management) 2016 Question 1 & 2 markers:


  1. What is the total outlay of Himayat scheme announced in budget 2016?

Ans- 1601 crores

  1. What is the GDP growth rate in India in 2015-16?

Ans- 7.6%

  1. International solar alliance is an alliance between India and?

Ans- France

  1. In Kudankulam plant, the name of the protest group is?

Ans- People’s movement against nuclear energy

  1. Kudankulam project is between India and?

Ans- Russia

  1.  When a country is experiencing a fall in inflation growth, it is termed as?

Ans- Disinflation

  1. In brexit, which all countries sided with staying in EU?

Ans- Scotland and northern Ireland

  1. After Brexit, the fall in sensex was

Ans- 1091 points or 1391 points

  1. what was the final result in Brexit referendum vote?

Ans- 51.89 :48.11

  1. Mitakshara law applies to which all states

Answer is not clear yet

  1. Who is the head of “E-commerce committee”

Ans- Amitabh kant

  1. What is the meaning of systemic risk

Ans- a risk that affects the entire banking system

  1. Who is the Regulator of Mutual Funds in India


  1. MBO theory was given by

Ans- Peter Drucker

  1. If Beta is negative, what does it mean?

Ans- if beta is negative, the stock price will be inversly proportional to the market.

  1. Who is the head of Monetary Policy Committee

Ans- Governor of RBI

  1. How many members in MPC

Ans- 6

  1. Features of social movement
  • Effort by a group
  • By an individual
  • Aims to bring a change or resist a change
  • Organized or disorganized

19 .What problems can an organization face if it outsource its business?

Options not clear

  1. Trade facilitation agreement is related to which organization

Ans- WTO

  1. What does theory X say about managers assumptions?

Ans- employees do not like to work

  1. What are perpetual bonds?

Ans- bonds with no redemption date

  1. Which scheme will not eliminate poverty


  1. Total members in IMF

Ans- 189

  1. India’s ranking in ease of doing business

Ans- 130

  1. In which state is tawang located

Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

  1. who is the head of a committee formed to study “impacts of changing financial year”

Ans- Shankar acharya

  1. Ethanol blending ratio in petroleum products

Ans- options not clear

  1. Who among the following was not WEF chair-

Ans- options not clear

  1. DEEP, TARANG are related to

Ans- power transmission

  1. India’s Per capita income according to census is

Ans- 93293

  1. Year of first five year plan

Ans- 1951

  1. Full form of ICAAP

Ans- Internal capital adequacy assessment process

  1. MSME database inaugurated by?

Ans- Arun Jaitley

  1. Export target for 2020

Ans- $ 900 billion

  1. EPS full form

Ans- employee pension scheme

  1. Human capital index topped by which country

Ans- Finland

  1. Number of statutory towns and cities in swachh bharat mission

Ans- 4041 towns

  1. India has received largest funds under IDA in which category

Ans- water, sanitation and flood control

  1. Fiscal deficit target for 2016-17

Ans- 3.5%

  1. Number of members in estimates committee

Ans- 30

  1. A creates a program and wants to sell it. He ties up with B, who agrees to give him 10,000 for the program. A then bargains by saying that the 10,000 will be used in completing the task. They finally decide to split the profits from the program in the ratio of 60:40. What type of arrangement is it-
  • Accommodation
  • Collaboration
  • Compromise
  1. Which of the following is not a component of MCLR?
  • Overhead costs
  • CRR SLR negative carry
  • Marginal cost of funds
  • Tenor premium
  1. who is a specified borrower?

Ans- borrower with more than Rs 25000 crores debt

Practical Questions-

  1. Break even practical question- Total cost is Rs 12000 on 1000 units and Rs 12800 on 1200 units. Find out Break Even point.

Answer is not clear yet

  1. Practical Question- find out NPV of a proposal where an outlay of XXXX is expected to provide annual inflow for 14 years amounting to YYYY and a redemption at the end of 20 years amounting to ZZZZ. Interest is payable half yearly and annual Cost of capital is 9%. (PVAF@0.09= AA; PVAF@0.045= BB; PVF@0.045= CC)

Answer was “none of these”



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