Reasoning Quiz- Blood Relation (Answers)


1–Option C

N is brother of B, B is father of M and M is daughter of D, so L is daughter of B and D, B is father so D is female, and so sister in law of N.

2–Option E

M is wife of Q, Q is brother of D, so M is sister-in-law of D
D is daughter of S, so M must be daughter-in-law of S – but gender of S not known, and D sister-in-law of M

3–Option E

Since it is not specified that mother’s mother have how many daughters, so lady can be mother or aunt of Tanya.

4–Option D

C and S have 2 children, one is A who is male (A is father of B). since C is the grandfather of G so F should be wife of A to have the relation C is the grandfather of G.
If F was daughter of C and s, so C would have been maternal grandfather of her daughter G.

5–Option C

E is sister of F and B is child of F

6–Option E

Since gender of B is not known, either sister or brother of G

7–Option D

D is brother of A and A is mother of J. So D is uncle of J.

8–Option B

E is mother of P, so B is his father, Q is child of B, so B is father-in-law of someone (here G) who is married to Q.

9–Option C

A is daughter of S. So J is daughter of P hence is niece of Q.

10–Option D

L is son of T, D is mother of R, so R should be child of D and L, for D to be daughter in law of T.