Reasoning Quiz For All Bank Exam- Statement & Conclusion (Answer)

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  1. (E) It has been mentioned in the statement that the person who considers price as well as quality before buying a product should buy the product of company X. Hence, both I and II follow.


  1. (D) In the given I Statement, the availability of vegetables is not mentioned. So, I does not

follow. For the conclusion II, it is not directly related to the statement and so it also does not follow.


  1. (E) In the given statement, it has been mentioned that the world for a man is as he make it himself. So, we can say that some people might find it good, and some quite bad. Hence, both I & II follow.


  1. (B) The investment consultants are well acquinted with the market risks. Hence, it has been suggested that one should consult them before investing one’s money in securities.


  1. (B) It is obvious from the given statement that people desire personal liberty and right to dissent.


  1. (A) It is not advisable for avoiding consumption of sugar is not the right approach to avoid diabetes. So, conclusion II does not follow. However in the context of the statement conclusion I follows as excessive sugar is the most likely cause of diabetes.


  1. (A) It is clear that conclusion I follows directly from the statement. But, II is not related to the given statement and so it does not follow.


  1. (E) Sunita has a very busy schedule. It denotes that she is an industrious but still she spares time for rest. This shows that she is an organised person. Hence, both I and II follow.


  1. (B) The given statement talks of jade plants only and not ‘all plants with thick leaves. It,

therefore I does not follow ? Also, since Jade plants require little water, so they can be

grown in the area where water is not in abundance. Hence, II follows.


  1. (B) There is nothing mentioned about the relation between political freedom and democracy in the statement. Hence, I does not follow. In case of conclusion II, it is directly followed from the given statement.