Directions—(Q. 1–5) A statement is given in each of the following questions and it is followed by its four alternatives in which one alternative either support or refute the statement. Find out the alternative from each question.


  1. Statement—United States of America always favour Israel.


(A) The headquarter of UNO is in United States of America

(B) Jewish Lobby in U.S.A. is very powerful

(C) United States of America agreed to form a committee to investigate the assassination of 18 Palestinians by Israel’s soldiers

(D) Israel is capable to defend itself


  1. Statement—Industrial development promotes the chances of employme


(A) Recession causes unemployment

(B) The purchasing power of a person decreases on account of unemployment

(C) Unemployment causes recession

(D) The life of the people who live in the developed countries is better than that of less developed countries


  1. Statement—Scientists are the biggest enemy of mankind.


(A) They have invented many harmful medicines

(B) They have invented many destructive weapons

(C) They were unable to prepare a healthy environment for all

(D) They are serving only for the interest rich nations


  1. Statement—The family planning programme in India has partly succeeded.


(A) The population growth rate in India is still very high

(B) In rural areas, there is no arrangement for proper health care

(C) The media of Telecommunication are not playing their roles to carry out the messages effectively

(D) The criticism of limited family is restricted by our religious belief


  1. Statement—In Hindu Society there is a very much prejudice against a female infant.


(A) Males are physically stronger than females

(B) Male infants are supposed to bring prosperity in the family

(C) Hindu Society is paternal in nature

(D) Various methods are being used to detest and abort a female infant in our society


  1. Statement—Using too much time in T.V. viewing affects on eye-sight. Which of the following four alternatives is true ?


(A) T.V. viewing is a wastage of time and energy as well and one can feel fatigue or tiredness if one watches for a longer period

(B) If one watches T.V. in a bad posture, it affects one’s eye-sight

(C) The persons who have problems with their eye-sight should not watch T.V. programmes

(D) 60% of the eye’s problems are caused by T.V. watching for a longer period


  1. Statement—To succeed in examination one should work hard. Which of the given four conclusions is true ?


(A) Those who work hard always get success

(B) Examination is closely related with hard work

(C) No one can get success without hard work

(D) One who does hard work, always satisfies


Directions—(Q. 8–10) In each of the following questions a statement is given and it is followed by its four conclusions A, B, C and D. Find out the conclusion which is correctly derived from the statement.


  1. Statement—Soldiers serve their country.


(A) Those who serve their country, are soldiers

(B) Women do not serve their country because they are not soldiers

(C) Generally, men serve their country

(D) Some men, who are soldiers, serve their country


  1. Statement—Most of the students are talented.


(A) Some students are talented

(B) No students are there who are not Talented

(C) Some of the students are those who have low standard

(D) All students are talented


  1. Statement—Most of the pens of that shop are costly.


(A) There are no cheap pens in that shop

(B) Some pens are costly in that shop

(C) Some pens are cheap in that shop

(D) Camlin pens are costly in that shop




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