Reasoning Quiz For Bank & SSC Exam- Data Sufficiency (Answers)


1. (D)   Lal > Nand   …(i)

Jim > Harry             …(ii)

We cannot determine the exact answer even after considering both the statements.


2. (D) Both the statements can not derive any conclusion.


3. (B) According to II statement, the number of all the students= (10 + 49) – 1= 58


4. (A) Tomar’s age = 17 years 10 month.


5. (E) Ramu’s father has three children in which two are sisters. Clearly, Ramu is the only son in the family. Thus, we can say, Ramu has no brother.


6. (E)


7. (D) From the Statement I, train Generally leaves at the right time but it is not clear that the train always leaves at right time. It might be possible that the train would not have left at right time. Hence, Statement II is not sufficient to answer.


8. (A) From the Statement I, clearly, it is 12 February.


9. (D)


10. (E)