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Direction (Q. 1-5): In each question below, there are three statements followed by four conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statements.

1. Statements:
a. All boards are pens.
b. All cards are pens.
c. No cards are files.

I. Some cards are boards.
II. Some pens are files.
III. Some pens are not files.
IV. Some boards are not cards.

A. Only either I or IV follows
B. Only I and II follow
C. Only either II or III follows
D. Only either I or IV and III follow E. None follows

2. Statements:
a. No friend is an enemy.
b. All covers are girls.
c. Some friends are girls.

I. Some covers are not enemies.
II. Some enemies are not girls.
III. Some friends are covers.
IV. Some enemies are friends.

A. Only I follows
B. Only III and IV follow
C. None follows
D. Only II follows
E. All follows

3. Statements:
a. All sets are elephants.
b. Some elephants are camels.
c. No rabbit is a camel.

I. Some elephants are not rabbits.
II. Some sets are camels.
III. Some elephants are sets.
IV. No camel is a rabbit.

A. Only III follows
B. Only IV follows
C. Only I and II follow
D. Only I, III and IV follow
E. All follows

4. Statements:
a. All oranges are flowers.
b. Some lemons are oranges.
c. No lemons are needles.

I. Some flowers are lemons.
II. Some oranges are needles.
III. Some needles are flowers.
IV. Some oranges are not needles.

A. Only IV follows
B. Only I and IV follow
C. Only III follows
D. Only II and III follow
E. None follows

5. Statements:
a. All couriers are postals.
b. No stamps ate revenues,
c. Some revenues are couriers.

I. Some postals are revenues.
II. Some couriers are not stamps.
III. Some postals are not stamps.
IV. Some postals are stamps.

A. Only either III or IV follows
B. Only II follows
C. Only either III or IV and II follow
D. All follows
E. None

Direction (Q. 6-10): Study the following information to answer the given questions.
In a certain code, ‘inflation is not desirable’ means ‘tic
die ni su’, ‘inflation can affect growth’ means ‘lee tic pi
koo’, ‘desirable growth can be achieved’ means ‘su pi ho
bee lee’, ‘slow growth’ means ‘chi pi’, ‘target not achieved’ means ‘mo die bee’.

6. What is the code for ‘affect’?
A. lee
B. koo
C. pi
D. tic
E. None

7. Which word is represented by ‘ni’ ?
A. inflation
B. is
C. desirable
D. Either inflation or is
E. None

8. What is the code for ‘is target can be achieved’ ?
A. mo tic ho bee lee
B. no mo ni tic die
C. ni bee mo lee ho
D. die mo lee ho bee
E. None

9. Which of the following may be the code for ‘sustained growth is desirable’ ?
A. pi zo su dic
B. su ni zo pi
C. pi dicni lee
D. dic zo lee ni
E. None

10. What is the code for ‘slow affects inflation’ ?
A. tic lee chi
B. chi koo tic
C. pi koo tic
D. Either pi or chi, koo tic
E. None



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