Directions ( Q.1-5):Study the information below and answer the given questions:
In a certain code
‘men has mortal’ is coded as ‘lo pe he’
‘mortal of women’ is coded as ‘he zo kh’
‘women in men’ is coded as ‘kh ma lo’ and
‘has big mortal’ is coded as ‘pe sy he’

Q1. How will ‘in the men’ be coded?
(a) ma lo sy             (b) ma pe he             (c) lo he pe           (d) ma lo ki             (e) lo ma sy

Q2. How will ‘big mortal of women’ be coded?
(a) sy zo kh ma           (b) he ma zo kh           (c) sy he pe lo             (d) sy lo zo pe            (e) None of these

Q3. What is the code for ‘mortal’?
(a) pe             (b) he              (c) lo           (d) sy             (e) None of these

Q4.What does the code ‘zo’ stand for?
(a) in              (b) men             (c) has           (d) of             (e) None of these

Q5.What is the code for ‘women’?
(a) kh             (b) ma              (c) Pe           (d) he             (e) None of these

Directions ( Q.6 – 10): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
‘land me market’ is written as ‘ve ka ro’,
‘market for his’ is written as ‘se ve di’,
‘for variety  money’ is written as ‘ba di la’ and
‘money to me’ is written as ‘ro ba yo’

Q6. What is the code for ‘variety’?
(a) ba             (b) di             (c) la           (d) yo             (e) Cannot be determined

Q7. What does the ‘ro’ stand for?
(a) me             (b) matters            (c) money           (d) lend             (e) Either ‘to’ or ‘lend’

Q8. Which of the following ‘market money most?
(a) ve ba yo            (b) ve se ba            (c) ba zi di           (d) ba ka zi             (e) ba fe ve

Q9. What is the code for ‘land’?
(a) ve             (b) ka             (c) ro           (d) di             (e) Either ‘di’ or ‘ro’

Q10. What is the code for ‘to’?
(a) ba             (b) ro             (c) yo           (d) se              (e) Cannot be determined



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