Q1. Statement: Numbers of students qualified for IITs from state X are comparatively higher than the number of students from state Y.
Which of the following may indicate that the result of the state Y is not in line with the general trend?
1) The students of state X are qualitatively better than those of the State Y
2) The school curriculum of state Y is very tough
3) In the past years the share of seats in IITs from state Y were always remained high.
4) Only 1 and 2
5) Other than given options

Q2. Statement: Now a day most of the candidates recruited in private companies are directly hired from
campuses of various business schools and engineering colleges.
Which of the following substantiates the fact stated in the above statement?
1) Most of the bright students only preferred campus interview.
2) Now campus interview becomes a trend in hiring process in the private companies
3) Campus interview is the only process to hire talented people
4) Both 1 and 2
5) Other than given options

Q3. Statement: The prices of the onion and other vegetables have substantially increased due to the
prolonged drought situation in some part and heavy downpour in some other part of the country during
the monsoon season.
Which of the following could be a logical course of action to be pursued?
1) The government should set up a committee to review the alarming situation
2) The government should ban on the export of the onion and vegetables
3) Government should import onion and vegetables in adequate amount
4) Only 2 and 3
5) Only 1 and 3

Q4. Statement: Due to oversupply in global markets, a slump in demand, and OPEC countries’ decision
not to curb production, crude oil prices have fallen to a four-year low.
Which of the following may be an effect of the above cause?
1) Urban People will buy more vehicle as prices of the fuels has fallen.
2) The fall in international oil prices will reduce subsidies that help sustain the domestic prices of oil products.
3) Country’s current account deficit will substantially reduce.
4) Only 1 and 2
5) Only 2 and 3

Q5. Statement: Crops acreage in India during the current year has fallen substantially as the
encroachment of human habitats over the cropland has increased and this will lead to fall in the
production of food grains and vegetables.
Which of the following may be the effect of the above statement?
1) The prices of food grains and other essential commodities may increase compared to previous years
2) Government will import food grains in huge quantity from abroad
3) Lack of investments in agricultural development has played a crucial role in this levelling of yield decrease.
4) Only 1 and 2
5) All of the above

Directions (Q. 6-10) Read the following information carefully and answer the given questions:
The civic authority of city X has appealed that all those who have come in contact with the patient
suffering from dreaded infectious swine flu disease be quarantined in their house and appealed to the
people to take precautionary action.
(A) Nobody should be quarantined unless they are tested and found to be infected by the swine flu H1N1
(B) The local citizen group may respond to the appeal of the civic authority and will go for a test
detecting such virus.
(C) Swine flu virus is highly contagious, allowing it to spread quickly from person to person. A simple
sneeze may cause thousands of germs to spread through the air
(D) Quarantining people in their house may be control the spread of the dreaded disease which have
claimed hundreds of lives across the nation.
(E) The civic authority has appealed to citizens to cooperate with the medical staff while they are in
isolation ward.
(F) The government should spread awareness about the disease among the masses thorough
campaigning and engagement at the community level through inter-personal communication.

Q6. Which of the statements (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) and (F) can be inferred from the facts/information given in
the statement?
(An inference is something which is not directly stated but can be inferred from the given facts)
1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only C 4) Only D 5) Only F

Q7. Which of the statements (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) and (F) would be a strong argument can be made on the
basis of the above statement?
1) Only A and B 2) Only A and C 3) Only A 4) Only C 5) All A, B and C

Q8. Which of the statements (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) mentioned above can be an assumption from
the facts/information given the statements? (An assumption is something that is supposed or taken for
1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only C 4) Only D 5) Only E

Q9. Which of the following could be a valid course of action to this problem?
1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only C 4) Only D 5) Only F

Q10. Which of the following conclusion can be drawn from the facts stated in the above paragraph?
1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only C 4) Only D 5) Only E



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