Directions (Q.1-5): Read the information given below and then answer the questions given below:

Eight friends Aero, Boom, Chris, Dale, Elina, Francos, Gayle and Hippa are sitting around a circle in such a way that three of them are facing outside and rest of them are facing the centre.

Elina is 2nd to the left of Hippa, who is facing outside. Dale is second to the left of Francos and third to the right of Elina, who is facing the centre. Boom is third to the left of Gayle and faces outside. Gayle is third to the left of Aero, who is not an immediate neighbour of Elina and Francos. The friends facing outside are not adjacent.

Q1. Which of the following group is facing outside?

(a) Boom,Hippa,Elina               (b) Chris,Boom,Hippa               (c) Chris,Dale,Hippa                 (d) cannot be determined

(e) None of these

Q2. What is Dale’s position with respect to Aero?

(a) Immediate right               (b) 3rd to the left               (c) Opposite                 (d) 2nd to the right               (e) Immediate left

Q3. Who is 2nd to the right of Boom?

(a) Hippa               (b) Gayle               (c) Chris                 (d) Aero               (e) Dale

Q4. If all the friends change their respective position to immediate right place then who are still facing inside the centre?

(a) Aero and Elina               (b) Francos and Dale               (c) Francos and Gayle                 (d) Aero and Dale               (e) Gayle and Aero

Q5. Which of the following is true about the given information?

(a) Chris and Francos are facing each other.

(b) Elina is third to the left of Francos.

(c) Chris is third to the left of Boom.

(d) Gayle and Aero are two places away from each other, if counted in clock wise direction from Aero.

(e) None of these.

Directions (6-10): In each of the following questions two statements are given and these statements are followed by two conclusions numbered (I) and (II). You have to take the given two statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Give answer:

a) if only conclusion I is true.

b) if only conclusion II is true.

c) if either conclusion I or conclusion II is true.

d) if neither conclusion I nor conclusion II is true.

e) if both conclusions I and II are true.

Q6. Statements: All table are desk.               Some desk are chair.

Conclusions: I. Some chair are table.               II. All table are chair.

Q7. Statements: Some pagal are mad.                  No mad is cool.

Conclusions: I. Some pagal are cool.                 II. No pagal is cool.

Q8. Statements: Some hot are yak.                 Some bold are hot.

Conclusions: I. Some hot are bold.                 II. Some bold are yak.

Q9. Statements: All the stairs are ball.                 Some zebra are ball.

Conclusions: I. Some ball are stairs.                 II. No stairs is a zebra.

Q10. Statements: Some shop are malls.                 Some malls are roof.

Conclusions: I. All shop are roof.                 II. Some roof are shop.



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