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Directions (1-6):In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider statement and the following assumption and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Give answer
a) If only Assumption I is implicit.
b) If only Assumption II is implicit.
c) If either Assumption I or II is implicit.
d) If either Assumption I nor II is implicit.
e) If both Assumptions I and II are implicit.

Q1).Statement : 1‟s advice to 2‟s-If you want to study Marketing, join institute XZ”.
I. 2 listens 1‟s advice.
II. Institute XZ provides good Marketing education.

Q2).Statements: Love marriages mostly end in divorce
I. There are cases of divorce.
II. Love marriages do take place.

Q3).Statements: “please drop this letter in the letter box”. An officer tells his assistant.
I. The assistant would follow the instructions.
II. The assistant knows the address where the letter is to be sent.

Q4).Statement: “Buy pure and natural milk of company Z”-An advertisement in a Newspaper.
I. Artificial milk can be prepared.
II. People do not mind paying more for pure and natural milk

Q5).Statements: It is dangerous to lean out of a running train.
I. All those who lean out of train run the risk of being hurt.
II. Generally people do not like to get hurt.

Q6).Statement: we need to appoint teachers”- principal informs the school staff.
I. Teachers are available.
II. Present teachers are not good.

Directions (Q. 7-10):
Q7).Statement: we must be prepared to face any eventually and all the assignments must be completed as per their schedule-Director told the faculty members.
I. There is a possibility of any serious eventuality.
II. Dates are fixed for all the assignments.
III. Faculty members are supposed to complete all assignments.
a) All
b) Only II and III
c) None
d) Only III
e) Only I

Q8).Statement: Prakash decided to get the railway reservation in May for the journey he wants to make in July to Madras.
I. The railways issues reservations two months in advance
II. There are more than one train to madras.
III. There will be vacancy in the desired class.
a) Only II and III
b) Only I
c) All
d) Only I and III
e) None of these

Q9).Statement: “X- chocolate is deal as a gift for someone you love”- an advertisement.
I. People generally gifts to loved ones.
II. Such advertisement generally influences people.
III. Chocolate can be considered as a gift item.
a) Only I and II
b) Only I and III
c) All
d) Only II and III
e) None of these

Q10).Statement: In view of the recent spurt in Sugar prices in the open market the government has asked the dealers to release a vast quantity of imported sugar in the open market.
I. The dealers will follow the government directive.
I. II.The sugar price will come down.
II. III.The price of indigenous sugar will remain unchanged.
a) None
b) Only I and II
c) Only I and III
d) All



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