Reasoning Quiz- Syllogism (Answers)


1–Option A 

2–Option A 

3–Option A 
All ear are arm is not a possibility, so I follows.
All legs are nose is a possibility so II does not follow

4–Option A 
If all blue are green, then all green will be black will lead to some white are black, which is not possible. So II does not follow

5–Option A 
No quant is computer is not definite, it can follow or it cannot. So the conclusion does not follow.

6–Option E 
All needles are pages is not a possibility so II follow

7–Option E 
All works are speed is not a possibility, so I follow

8–Option D 

9–Option E 
There is no negative statement given so all possibilities follow

10–Option E 
All principals are students is not a possibility, so II follows