Reasoning Quiz- Syllogism (Answers)


1–Option E 

2–Option A 
Either some pound is euro or no pound is euro so cannot be determined about the second conclusion.

3–Option E 
All mortgge is credit is not a possibility, so I follows
II is a possibility

4–Option D 

5–Option B 
All computer is GK is a possibility so I does not follow

6–Option D
In option D) i) All+No= No=> No rat is bat=> some bats are not rat and ii) reverse of all rat are cat=>some cat are rat

7–Option C
In option C) i) No+All=Some not reversed => No charger is mobile. All mobile is battery.=Some battery are not charger. Ii) All+No = No => All mobile is battery. No battery is sim.=No mobile is sim, and hence when no mobile is sim , hence some mobile are not sim is also true

8–Option B
In option B, i) Some+All+All= Some => Some watch are switch AND ii) Some +All= Some => some remote are watches

9–Option C
From Option C, i) No+All=Some not reversed => No dog is cat. All cat is bat= Some bats are not dog AND ii) All cat is bat => some bat are cat. (reverse)

10–Option D
From option D, i) All+ NO= No => All blue is black. No black is red. = No blue is red. Hence Some blue is not red is also true AND ii) All red is green= Some green is red(reverse)