Reasoning Quiz- Syllogism (Answers)


1–Option C
From option C, i) Some+Some = NO CONCLUSION and NO Conclusion means Any Possibility is True. => ) Some red is yellow. Some yellow is blue. = All red is blue is a possibility is true. AND ii) Some + No = Some Not => Some yellow is blue. No blue is green.= Some Yellow are Not Green => All green being yellow is a possibility. [Remember When SOME A is NOT B is true then All B being A is a possibility is also true.]

2–Option E
Statement i) doesnot follow in any of the Option

3–Option C
From option C, i) Some+All+All= Some => Some lamp are bulb. All bulb are fan. All fan are heater= Some lamp are heater= some heater are lamp(reverse) AND ii) Some +All=Some => Some lamp are bulb. All bulb are fan. = Some lamp are fan= some fan are lamp(reverse)

4–Option A

From Option A, i) ) Some rose are not lily. All rose are tulip.=> Some tulip are not lily AND ii) All+All = All => All rose are tulip. All tulip are flower.= All rose are flower= Some flower are rose.
5–Option C

From option C, i) No+Some = Some not reversed=> No water is ocean. Some ocean is river.= Some river are not water. = All water being river is a possibility. AND ii) All+ No = No => All lakes are water. No water is ocean. No Lake is ocean and hence Some Ocean are not lake is also true.
6–Option D
You will have to check all the options to find out that which statements make both the conclusions follow.
Here D) option:
First figure shows a possibility that All dollars are yen.
In second figure, it is shown that All rupees can never be yen, so definitely Some rupees are not yen.

7–Option B
C) option: Some glasses are cups and No cup is spoons. SO No glass is spoon.
All glasses are cups. Some glasses are bowls. SO Some cups are bowl.

8–Option C

9–Option B

10–Option B