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Directions (1-15): In these questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word. Five alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the five alternatives.

Q.1.________________ the general had been told by the field staff that continuing warfare would be _____________ to his soldiers, he insisted on deploying more battle tanks.
(a) Although … detrimental            (b) Because .. . instrumental            (c) Although .. formidable
(d) Because … immediate            (e) Because .. . incremental

Q.2. Most journalistic writing could do with ________ of paragraphs to make the prose more _______.
(a) suppression … legible            (b) removal … argumentative            (c) simplification …… abstruse
(d) deletion … succinct            (e) exemplification … incoherent

Q3.The television serials are characterized by an ______ story line and _________ plots and sub-plots.
(a) unending …. convoluted             (b) infantile … simple             (c) uniform… emotional              (d) extempore .. routine
(e) erratic … forthcoming

Q4. If mankind has to survive for long, it must ___________ and deliberately renounce the fruits of __________and whirling technology.
(a) willfully .. wild            (b) honestly .. responsible            (c) sincerely .. labor            (d) effectively .. sliding
(e) knowingly ….impending

Q5.Mother Teresa was ____________ about her achievements and unwilling to _____________ them before anyone.
(a) modest .. discuss             (b) proud … promote              (c) unsure .. reveal             (d) ignorant .. eulogise
(e) immodest .. play

Q6.The instruction manual that came with the computer is no masterpiece of ________ prose because its instructions are so ____________ that we still do not know how to set up the computer.
(a) clear .. garbled              (b) valuable .. intelligent              (c) worthless .. clear             (d) confused .. varied
(e) worth .. muffled

Q7.The professors at Lucknow University have a permanent ______________ on their positions and do not have to look for more secure ______________.
(a) fixture .. jobs              (b) tenure .. employment             (c) security .. means            (d) right … employees            (e) eye…. seats

Q8.The _______and ______ happenings in many talk shows annoy many viewers.
(a) aggravating .. irritating            (b) trite… predictable             (c) happy ..playful             (d) dramatic….eventful
(e) ranting….jocular

Q9.Pipes are not a safer ______________ to cigarettes because, though pipe smokers do not inhale, they are still __________ higher rates of lung and mouth cancers than nonsmokers.
(a) preference … free from               (b) answer … responsible for             (c) alternative …subject to
(d) rejoinder .. involved in            (e) offer … involved with

Q10.As many students know, a/(an) ____________ response, if skillfully worded, can imply at least a superficial __________ of knowledge about the subject.
(a) ambiguous .. veneer               (b) garbled … ignorance              (c) inarticulate …. piece                (d) elegant… lack
(e) wrong … lack

Q11.Her parents were __________ when, despite losing the first three games, Sandy ___________ to win the set by a 6-3 score.
(a) surprised…. failed               (b) relieved …. came back              (c) puzzled… refused              (d) alarmed …attempted
(e) shocked …failed

Q12.The equipments that were being used in the survey were ___________ , and because of the below-zero temperature, it was feared they would freeze and ______.
(a) icy….capsize            (b) frosty.. shide            (c) fragile ..shatter            (d) frozen.. dehydrate            (e) useless… capsize

Q13.Because of its tendency to _____________, most Indian art is _________ Japanese art, where symbols have been minimized and meaning has been conveyed by using the method of the merest suggestion.
(a) imitate .. superior to                (b) understate ..reminiscent of              (c) overdraw.. similar to
(d) sentimentalize .. supportive of            (e) synergise .. half

Q14.In the absence of native predators, to stop the spread of their population, the imported goats ________ to such an inordinate degree that they over grazed the country side and ______ the native vegetation.
(a) propagated… cultivated              (b) suffered…abandoned              (c) thrived…threatened
(d) dwindled…eliminated                (e) outnumbered… cultivated

Q15. Jayshree was habitually so docile and ___________ that her friends could not understand her sudden ___________ her employers.
(a) accommodating …outburst against             (b) erratic ..envy of            (c) truculent…. virulence toward
(d) hasty… annoyance toward             (e) apologetic …hostile



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