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Directions(1-5): Choose the word that is most nearly the same in meaning as the word underlined as used in the passage.

Q1. Fantasy
(a) Romance               (b) Dream              (c) Shadow              (d) Nightmare              (e) thought

Q2. Posterity
(a) Progeny               (b) Future              (c) Offspring              (d) Destiny              (e) enemies

Q3. Cryogenics
(a) Freezing corpses          (b) Super conductors              (c) Refrigeration technology              (d) Rockets fuels              (e) oculus

Q4. Pseudoscience
(a) Copy              (b) Forgery              (c) Quasi              (d) Spurious              (e) Offspring

Q5. Frostbite
(a) Injury               (b) Mortification              (c) Sting by insects              (d) Numb              (e) Forgery

Directions(6-15): In each of the sentences given in these questions, there are two blanks. Select the word pair out of the four alternatives (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) given which can fill the blanks well in the same sequence.

Q6. Although his first few attempts were __________, ultimately he __________.
(a) Fruitful, won              (b) Futile, succeeded              (c) Thwarted, lost              (d) Appreciable, retarded              (e)Earn, cost-saving

Q7. His face gave a clear __________, that he was free from all his __________.
(a) Messages, relations        (b) Notice, obstacles        (c) Impression, opportunities                                                        (d) Indication, worries             (e) noxious… proclaimed

Q8. There recent __________ in oil prices has given an unexpected additional __________ to the cost spiral.
(a) Slump, drawback              (b) Development, cut              (c) Deterioration, impetus               (d) Rise, twist
(e) Appreciable, retarded

Q9. If the banks desire to __________ profit, they should get rid of __________ measures.
(a) Increase, populist              (b) Earn, cost-saving              (c) Maximise, thrift              (d) Make, steady              (e) mocking… destroying

Q10. He was scarcely in his teens, when he became completely __________ by German __________ and writings of Shakespeare.
(a) Harassed, army              (b) Engrossed, people              (c) Broken, rules              (d) Captivated, literature
(e) somberness … atmosphere

Q11.That Amitabh’s newest film is No. 1 at the box office this week is a testament to the star’s ________ power and not the reviews, which were ______ at best.
(a) increasing, matchless              (b) ongoing, glowing              (c) drawing, modest              (d) waning, indifferent
(e) super, dismal

Q12. Mr. Purty hastily ________ all the warnings of his friends and now, he finds it difficult to complete the task within its time and budget _____.
(a) accepted… amounts              (b) ignored … amounts              (c) listened to … problems           (d) disregarded… constraints
(e) acknowledged … schedule

Q13.Being a bit hesitant about __________ the man as the complete fraud he suspected him to be, Bill chose to attack the weaker points of his theory, _______ them one by one.
(a) denouncing… debunking              (b) ridiculing .. proving              (c) castigating … strengthening
(d) mocking… destroying              (e) mistrusting… telling

Q14.This book of Covey creates a mood of ______, a (n) _____________ of tranquility and calm.
(a) somberness … atmosphere              (b) serenity.. ambience              (c) melancholy.. oasis              (d) formality…feeling
(e) tranquility…sea

Q15.Carried away by the _______ effects of the experimental medication, the patient _____ his desire to continue as a subjects for as long as he could.
(a) supplementary… announced                (b) noxious… proclaimed                (c) frantic… repeated
(d) salutary… reiterated               (e) painful… undermined



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