1) Which of the following institute unveiled World’s First Remotely Operable Microscope?
a) IIT Delhi
b) IIT Madras
c) IIT Bombay
d) IIS Bangalore
e) None of these.

2) For seeking which of the following scheme The Health Ministry has clarified it’s not mandatory for beneficiaries to submit Aadhaar details under the Ayushman Bharat scheme?
a) Rs.15-lakh health insurance
b) Rs.25-lakh health insurance
c) Rs.10-lakh health insurance
d) Rs.5-lakh health insurance
e) None of these.

3) Who is the head of the committee to suggest measures to strengthen National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS)?
a) Anil Swarup
b) Ravendra H Dolika
c) Sivarama Krishnan
d) Ajay Mathur
e) None of these.

4) Which is India’s missile development centre and fast emerging the hub for aerospace industries?
a) Incubator Hub
b) E-Hub
c) T-Hub
d) I-Hub
e) None of these.

5) Which of the following organisation Invites Expression of Interest (EOI) for Actuarial Valuation of Atal Pension Yojana?
d) RBI
e) None of these.

6) With which country European Union signed major trade deal?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Nepal
d) Bangladesh
e) None of these.

7) Under which scheme ASI has planned to upgrade seven monuments in Tamil Nadu?
a) Adarsh Smarak Scheme
b) Atal Pension Yojana
c) Ayushman Bharat scheme
d) Housing for all
e) None of these.

8) Where does India’s 1st skill training centre going to setup?
a) Rajasthan
b) Orissa
c) Goa
d) Tamil Nadu
e) None of these

9) In which state Rath Yatra is celebrated?
a) Asam
b) Kerala
c) Bihar
d) Haryana
e) Orissa

10) Which of the following banks has come in for effusive praise by the global banking authority, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)?
a) SBI
d) RBI
e) None of these.

1) Answer: b)
2) Answer: d)
3) Answer: a)
4) Answer: c)
5) Answer: c)
6) Answer: b)
7) Answer: a)
8) Answer: b)
9) Answer: e)
10) Answer: d)



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