Sbi Po pre Exam Analysis Slot 1 30th April 2017

SBI PO Preliminary 2017 Exam Analysis

SBI PO Exam Analysis 2017: Quantitative Aptitude

This section comprised of 35 questions which constituted 35 marks. Following questions were asked from this section –

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Name of topic Number of questions
Number Series  5 Questions

  •  9 8 14 39 ? 755
  • 25 32 21 34 17 ?
  • 11 6 7 12 ? 67.5
  • 4 7 35 83 146 ?
  • 521 496 447 366 245
Data Interpretation  2 sets (Tabular and line graph) (Tabular graph based on population of voters where registered voters and percentage of valod votes were given) (One DI was calculative)
Simplification/ Approximation  5 Questions (Moderate level)
Quadratic Equation  5 Questions (Direct Questions)
Miscellaneous  10 Question

SBI PO Preliminary 2017 Exam Analysis: Reasoning Ability 

35 questions were asked from this section with a total of 35 marks. Questions asked in this section involved following topics –

Name of topic Number of questions
Puzzles and Arrangements  4 puzzles (One linear puzzle, where 8 people were facing north and another puzzle was based on scheduling with different seminars on different dates (6th and 31st) of different months (January, July, September and November)
Inequality  5 Questions (3 questions were direct and 2 questions had conclusion given)
Miscellaneous  Questions in this category were asked from Coding-Decoding, Blood relations, Direction sense and Ranking.

SBI PO Exam Analysis: English Language

This section comprises of 30 questions with a total of 30 marks. Following questions were asked in this section.

Name of topic Number of questions
Reading Comprehension 10 Questions (Based on Education System and Hacking) (Synonym – Antonym were asked)
Cloze test 10 Questions (based on new pattern)
Sentence Correction 10 Questions

SBI PO Prelims 2017  Exam Difficulty Level

Name of Section Difficulty Level
Reasoning Ability Moderate to Difficult
English Language Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate
Overall Moderate

SBI PO Prelims 2017 Good Attempts

Name of Section Good Attempts
Reasoning Ability 15-18
English Language 18-20
Quantitative Aptitude 20
Overall Exam 55 – 58


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