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#1. SSC CGL Questions Asked 21st August 3rd Shift – English

  1. Reading Comprehension – Based on “Kite string (Manjha)”
  2. Spelling Test – Obeisance

#2. SSC CGL Questions Asked 21st August 3rd Shift – Quant

  1. Data Interpretation – Bar graph based on 5 taxi company.

#3. SSC CGL Questions Asked 21st August 3rd Shift – Reasoning

To be updated soon!

#4. SSC CGL Questions Asked 21st August 3rd Shift – G.K

  1. Q1. Looking from the Concave mirror will show the object as? 

    Q3. Name of 3 nawabs given and asked that they belongs to?

    Q4. Which scheme is started by PM Modi related to LPG connections? 
    Ans:Ujawala Yojna

    Q5. How many seats of Rajya Sabha in Orissa state?   

    Q6. one question on the reproduction of algae from biology.

    Q7. Who discovered the rain coat?
    Ans:Charles Macintosh

    Q8. Gandiji in 1918 went to where to meet with cotton mill workers to start Satyagrah?    

    Q9. One question from latitude and longitudes of india.                     

    Q10. CBI come in which list-union, state or concurrent ?  
    Ans:Union List                    

    Q11. Who got nobel prize 2016 for literature?                    
    Ans: Bob Dylan.

    Q12. Who got silver medal in RIO olympic & in which sport?
    Ans:PV Sindhu for Badminton

    Q13. One question on isogamous.

    Q14. One question on shape of demand graph.

    Q15. Change in distance with time at constant velocity give graph-
    (a) straight line  
    (b) curve 
    (c) dots

    Q16. If electric current is used for coating then the procedure is known as-

    Q17.Tajmahal is constructed by which architect?
    Ans:Ustad Ahmad (a.k.a. Isa Khan)



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