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Directions (1 to 10): Which of the following phrases (A), (B), (C), (D) given below in the statement should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and ‘No Correction is required’, mark (E) as the answer

1. The Indian political class is known for engaged themselves in socio-economic development of society.
(A) Known for engaging
(B) Call for engaged
(C) Knowing for engaging
(D) Called for engaging
(E) No correction required

2. Other species of eel are also faced various level of threats due to habitat damage and overfishing.
(A) Facing various threat
(B) Facing various levels of threats
(C) Faced with various levels of threatening
(D) Face various levels of threats
(E) No correction required

3. The launch of metro railway service in the city, has enhancing public transport options in teeming.
(A) Have enhanced
(B) Has enhanced
(C) Has been enhanced
(D) Had enhanced
(E) No correction required

4. As houses grow and parking areas shrink, more than a little people have expressed their scorn for trees in the capital, one of the world’s
(A) More little people
(B) Much little people
(C) More than a few people
(D) Much than a few people
(E) No correction required

5. Rare Indian art spanning a period from the eighth century to the twentieth century will be up for sale at an auction in later this month.
(A) Art span a period from
(B) Art spanning a period
(C) A period of art spanning from
(D) A period spanning art of
(E) No correction required

6. We usual have a meeting of all department heads every Friday.
(A) as usual has
(B) as usually have
(C) usually have
(D) unusually have
(E) No correction required

7. Arun’s friends have convinced him withdrawn his resignation.
(A) in withdrawing him
(B) for withdrawal of
(C) to withdraw from his
(D) to withdraw his
(E) No correction required

8. India and China have many large number of educated workers than Brazil
(A) a larger number
(B) the largest number
(C) large number
(D) very larger number
(E) No correction required

9. Many accidents at the factory are caused of workers do not read warning signs.
(A) is the cause of
(B) are caused by
(C) are caused because
(D) are a cause of
(E) No correction required

10. Over fifty percent of people in the country not have any access to banking services.
(A) have not any
(B) are having not
(C) does not have do not have any
(D) do not have any
(E) No correction required



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