Sentence Rearrangement Tricks

Important tricks for Solving Sentence Rearrangement in English

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Sentence arrangement is an important part of English language section of bank exams. Basic trick that works for most of the questions is – Find pairs of related sentences. Once you find two pairs, you can easily answer the question.



  1. Try to understand the passage, if you can make out the meaning behind the passage, you will definitely get the correct order.
  2. Create a pair of two sentences, i.e. if 6 sentences, then create 3 pairs each having 2 sentences.
  3. Try to find out clues while making a pair, most of the time there are some connecting words that form a bridge between two sentences.
  4. Once you identified the pairs, all you need to do is to reorder these pairs to form a meaningful passage.
  5. Try to find out the pair that looks independent and place it as introduction, the pair that looks like a result as last.
  6. Go through the arrangement and check the logical meaning of the pair and see if it conveys a meaning flow. If you think the sequence lacks logic, rearrange again till you start seeing some logic.

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