Week        Lectures

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Mon   –      Org. Behaviour

Tue    –      Psychology

Wed   –     Statistics

Thu    –      Comp. Science

Fri      –      Research Methods

Sat     –      Off Day

Sun    –      Economics

1. Answer:- 1

2. Answer:- 3

3. Answer:- 5

4. Answer:- 3

5. Answer:- 3


NAME        CARS        COLOURS

A            Nano            White
B            Alto              Black
C            Nano            Black
D            Alto              Red
E            Fiat              Red
F            Fiat              White

6. Answer:- 3

7. Answer:- 1

8. Answer:- 3

9. Answer:- 2

10. Answer:- 4

11. Answer:- 4


Logic: The 1st element of the code:- If the word has the odd number of letters then we use $ symbol. If the word has even number of letters in the word then we use & symbol.
2nd element of the code:-  Add 3 in the total number of consonant present in the word.

3rd element of the code:-  Opposite of vowel which comes 1st according to increasing alphabetical order among all the vowels present in the word.

12. Ans.(d)

13. Ans.(b)

14. Ans.(d)

15. Ans.(a)

16. Ans.(a)

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