1. (e)

2. (c), replace ‘single’ with ‘only’

3. (e)

4. (c); no need to use ‘more’ after ‘a lot of’

5. (d); ‘look for alternatives’ will be the correct answer

Directions (6-10):
The rearrangement for the given set of sentences is – EGBAFCD
E- This is the opening sentence of the paragraph and here the author is saying that he wants to ask two questions
G- This is the first question
B- G and B are mandatory pairs and this is the second question
A- B and A are mandatory pairs. Sentence A follows B
F- A and F are mandatory pairs
C- In Sentence F the author tells that the help is not for the already-achievers or the hopeless but for the ones who wish to achieve/dream big.
D- This is the ending line of the paragraph

6. (b)

7. (c)

8. (e)

9. (a)

10. (a)

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