1. (d); Neither of the assumptions is implicit in the statement as there may be several causes for the same.

2. (d); Assumptions (I) is not related to the statement, so it is not implicit. Assumptions II is vague.

3. (a); Job is the main motto of the student. Hence, if degree are delinked with jobs, students will think twice before joining college. So I is true.II is contrary to it.

4.(b);Sanctions may impact even a strong economy but the consequences may not be as “devastating”.

5. (b); According to the statement, incentive is given for better performance, therefore it is expected that incentive will improve the performance.

6. (b); People invest money when there is hope of getting returns. But 1 does not follow because it talks of a specific growth rate

7.(a); Note that the problem is not limited to India alone. Hence it is better to have a consensual approach.

8. (c); If e-cigarettes also lead to addiction, it is a reason good enough to ban them.

9. (e); This is so perhaps because of the popularity of Flipkart.

10. (c); It is these concerns that lead to apprehensions regarding the signing of the nuclear deal.

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