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From – I : R is lighter than only Q and T. Thus I alone is not sufficient to answer.
From – II : P is lighter than R and heavier than S. But nothing is given about Q and T. So II alone is not sufficient.
From I and II : Q and T <— R <— P
So, S is the lightest. Thus, I and II both are necessary to

7. 1
It is clear that Rekha’s is sister of Nidhi. So, I alone is sufficient.
From – II : Nothing is mentioned about Rekha. So we can’t find the relationship. Thus, II alone is not sufficient.

8. 2
From – I : P <— N & O and R <— M & P
So, I alone is not sufficient.
Form – II : R & O <— M <— N & P , also O didn’t got
highest marks and N didn’t got the least marks. Then,
R <— O <— M <— N <— P
So, P got the least marks, thus, II alone is sufficient to

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