1. Ans. (d) The situation demands improving the education system and removing the loopholes of the present system. Retrenching the faculty would be an extreme step, so I doesn’t follow. Temporarily closing of university will not lead to any solution except that the problem would worsen, so II doesn’t follow.

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2. Ans.(d) None follow, This attitude is wrong it is a negative approach


3. Ans. (a) I follows as it is a preventive step, to protect people of coastal areas from the ensuing danger. The administration must alert the people because the storm is likely to play havoc with the life of public, if it comes as a surprise. So, II doesn’t follow.


4. Ans. (b) Chief Minister’s resignation is not necessary because he is remotely responsible for this incident. So, I doesn’t follow. IAS officers should be given more security to avoid such incidents in future. So II follows.


5. Ans. (e) Both actions follow as both are preventive and positive steps towards the protection of elephants. Elephants will be much safer in reserves or protected areas and enlisting of locals will also help reduce the incidents of killing of elephants.


6. Ans. (d) Nothing can be deduced about the utility or need of laptops in the student’s mind from the given statements.

So, neither I nor II is implicit.


7. Ans. (e) Both I and II are implicit. I mentions the aim for which the step talked about in the statement has been undertaken, while II mentions the essential requirement for setting up this committee.


8. Ans. (b) Only II is implicit. The teacher says only that the questions are difficult and need additional strategy.


9. Ans. (e) II is implicit, because when fighting corruption is talked about, it means corruption does exists. Since he is making the statement, he is assuming and showing himself to be an honest politician who is against corruption. So I is implicit.


10. Ans. (b) I is not implicit because punishment follows only those warnings which don’t work. II is implicit because ragging is an act which is prohibited, hence he is asking to punish the culprits.

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