1. (2) In case I, we can’t clearly determine area. But in II since circumference is given, hence we can find radius and accordingly find area of circle. Hence, only II is required.

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2. (3) In this Question, we can determine speed of train in either case. In case I, we can simply use speed formula and in case II, we know both total distance and time taken. Hence, either I or II is required.

3. (5) From I and II, we can find two equations of which we can find cost of 1 banana and later on, for 9 dozen. Hence, Both I and II are required.

4. (5) From both I and II, we can create two equations out of which we can determine age of Rajesh. Hence, both I and II are required.

5. (5) From I we can determine difference of ten’s and unit’s digit of number. From II, we know sum of these digits. Hence, both I and II are required.

6. (2) The word “TROPHY” can be arranged in form
6! = 720




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