Direction (1-5):

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Alphabet = Next letter of first Letter of word

The symbol is according to the last letter

L  $

S  #

A  %

N  @

E  &

Numbers = (Number of letter -1) *2

So Kazakhstan – K = K +1 = L

@ for last letter N

Letter in Kazakhstan = 10 so (10 -1) *2 = 18

1) Answer c) J%08 S%12

2) Answer e) None of these

3) Answerd) A&14  [email protected]

4) Answerb) J$10 K%12

5) Answer d) [email protected]

6) Answer c) BFEG

7)Answer e) cannot be determined

In these di stands for either ‘damaging or inherent.  So, given data is inadequate.

8) Answer d) RZIMDLY

9) Answer c) 1611210619080126

10)Answer e) WVEOLH

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