1. Answer: b) A and E
In this 5 statements last statement only initiating about the passage. Remaining 4 statements any 3 statements are in sequential order. Either ABC or BCD so A or D only can interchange with E.’A’ must be the only next option because BCD are in sequential. D sentence gives lead to A sentence so A cannot be fit as a first statement. So A and E are interchangeable.

2. Answer: c)i and iii
ii) Statements is talking about the youth interest in trading and all which is not related to the passage. The passage is about what government had taken regulatory measures to regulate in investment and brokerage. ii) statement is about self owned business

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3. Answer: b)ii
i) statement is talking about interest rate but the passage is not depicting about as such. Likewise iii) statement concludes the passage and the AS in the beginning means it is giving instants which already given in a similar way. So ii) initiate the topic which is talking about the financial crises and how government taken necessary steps

4. Answer: c) E and D
Without talking about students this leaves students will not considered so. D and E are interchangeable. Remaining ABC are in sequential and each sentence giving lead to next sentence.

5. Answer: a)i and ii
The passage is about the doctors and medical students. So i) and ii) statements only suits here iii) statement is about UP government related issues.

6. Answer: a)A and B
The sentence starts with ‘Issues such as’ so it is obvious that in previous sentence problems must be discussed. Given 5 statements A alone initiating about the problem so it has to be next to A and in between A and B.

7. Answer: a)A and B
B statement initiating about matter of filed case against school teacher. So the remaining sequential order is so obvious CDE. A and B are interchangeable.

8. Answer: b)ii and iii
i) sentences is talking about the theft which is not related to the passage so ii) and iii) depicting the sexual assault and its related things.

9. Answer: e)C and D
C gives the info that Girls father had complained so this statement comes after the C statement.

10. Answer: d)ii
The passage is not talking about either the HC decision over NGO or injuries of indulgences. So ii) only suits here.

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