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Each code has symbol, Letter and a number
Same symbols(@,*,%,^) get repeated for every line, similarly Words starts with same set of alphabets (A,B,C,D) for every line, which clearly says each letter corresponds to a particular symbol.
-Now when we analyze the code, each of them ends with a number, which implies the total number of letters of that corresponding word.
-Finally letter in the middle represents the end letter of the corresponding word By the above concept decrypted code for first line will be
-Apple: @E5
-Cat: ^T3
-Dog: %G3
-Banana: *A6
Therefore, Corresponding symbol for the alphabets will be
-A: @
-B: *
-C: ^
-D: %

When we look at 5th Question, ‘SBI’ will also start with a symbol, but it will be other than the above-mentioned four and 2nd, 3rd positions of the code will be ‘I3’, therefore from the given option ‘!I3’ will be the possible code for ‘SBI’.

1. c
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. b

6. There is no definite relation between soil and cloud. But the possibility in 1) exists. Hence conclusion l) conclusion 1) follow. Again, All soil are stones (A) + some stones are hills (I) = A + I = No conclusion. But the possibility in 2) exists and the possibility between mountains and stone also exists. Hence conclusion 4) follows Now, All mountains are not clouds (O) some mountains are not clouds (O). So, we can’t say no stone is cloud. Hence 3) may follows. Again, All soils are stone (A) — conversion some stones are soils (I). Hence 5) does not follow.

7. Some streams are pounds (I) conversion Some pounds are streams (I) + All streams are canals (A) = I+A Some pounds are canals. Thus conclusion l) may follows and possibility in 2) exist. Hence But the conclusion 1) and 2) follow. Again, All streams are canals (A) + All canals are rivers (A) = A + A = A = All stream are rivers (A). Hence 3) follows. Now, Some waters are streams (I) + All streams are canals (A) = I + A = I = Some waters are canals (I). Thus, possibility in 4) exists. Hence 4) follows. From statements second conclusion 5) does not follow.

8. b; From statements first and second. Some trees are forest (I)+ Some forests are animals (I)=I+I = No conclusion. But 1) may follows and possibility in 3) exists. Hence conclusion 1) and 3) follow. Again, all herbivores are pets (A) – conversion – Some pets are herbivores (I). Hence conclusion 2) does not follow. From statements second possibility in 5) exist. Hence 5) follows. And possibility in 4) also follows.

9. a; Some metroes are Smart (I)+ All smart are electronic vans (A)= I+A=I= Some metroes are electronic vans (I). Hence conclusion 2) follows. But from statement four conclusion 2) follows. But from statement four conclusion 1) does not follow. There is no negative statements. So possibility in 3) and 4) exist. Hence conclusion 3) and 4) follow. Again, conclusion 5) follows from statement first.

10 .e; All apples are oranges (A)-conversion – some oranges are apples (I)+ All apples are not papayas (O)-conversion – some apples are not papayas (O)=I+O= No conclusion. So, the possibilities in 1) and 3)exist. And conclusion 2) and 4) may follow. Again, conclusion 5) does not follow from statement four.

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