Solution to the quiz

Ans.1. (a) ‘A great many’ is always followed by a plural noun and a plural verb. So the noun ‘question’ has to be changed to ‘questions’.

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Ans.2. (c) Use ‘is’ in place of ‘was’.

Ans.3. (e) No error.

Ans.4. (d) Replace ‘formula’ by ‘formulae’. Some nouns have more than one plural form with different meanings. Formulae – Plural, meaning- Rules of Physics.

Ans.5. (a) Use of ‘a’ in place of ‘the’.

Ans.6. (a) Replace ‘a shoal of wolves’ by ‘a pack of wolves’.

Ans.7. (b) Remove ‘be able to’ as ‘can’ and ‘could’ represent same meaning ‘as be able to’.

Ans.8. (a) Replace ‘Hails’ with ‘Hail’.

Ans.9. (b) Replace ‘is’ by ‘are’. ‘The Himalayas’ takes a plural verb because, when we mention the names of these mountains, we immediately imagine a vast range of mountains.

Ans.10. (a) Replace ‘price’ with ‘cost’. Price denotes amount paid by the customer, cost denotes amount paid by the manufacturer/shopkeeper.

Ans.11. (c) Replace ‘hung’ with ‘hanged’. Hung means to suspend and hanged means death penalty.

Ans.12. (e) No error.

Ans.13. (a) Replace ‘myself’ by ‘I’.

Ans.14. (b) ‘Company’ is a singular noun. Pronoun ‘It’ will be used at the place of ‘them’.

Ans.15. (a) In cases of the form, “Noun + Preposition + Noun”, noun is always singular. It should be ‘woman after woman’.

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