Solution to the quiz

Ans.1. (c) Replace ‘done’ by ‘made’. The correct light verb for mistake is ‘make’ and ‘do’ is the wrong light verb here.

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Ans.2. (c) Replace ‘isn’t it’ by ‘can they’.

Ans.. (a) Replace ‘they’ by ‘those’.

Ans.4. (c) Replace ‘a hundred rupees note’ with ‘a hundred rupee note’.

Ans.5. (b) Subject here is ‘The period’ which takes singular verb, so replace ‘have’ by ‘has’.

Ans.6. (b) Use ‘Employment for the’ in place of ‘Employment of the’

Ans.7. (a) Delete ‘most’ as ideal is an absolute word, which means ‘The most appropriate’.

Ans.8. (b) Replace ‘but’ by ‘but also’. Whenever we use ‘not only’, the other part of this correlative conjunction is ‘but also’.

Ans.9. (a) Replace ‘less’ with ‘fewer’. ‘Less’ denotes ‘in small degree’. ‘Fewer’ denotes ‘number’.

Ans.10. (c) Replace ‘unless’ with ‘until’. ‘Until’ denotes sense of time, whereas ‘Unless’ denotes condition. In this case, ‘Until’ must be used.

Ans.11. (c) Replace ‘when’ with ‘if’. To express condition we use ‘if’.’When’ would mean admire whenever brother has done the artwork, that is not the intention here.

Ans.12. (b) Use ‘when’ in place of ‘that’ as the sentence is talking about time.

Ans.13. (b) Replace ‘Let I’ by ‘Let me’. ‘Let’ is always followed by objective case pronouns.

Ans.14. (b) Use ‘intended’ in place of ‘intends’.

Ans.15. (c) Replace ‘and’ with ‘or’. In this case, destination cannot be both ‘fifty and sixty’ kilometers at the same time. The intention here to convey, either one of the two.

Ans.16. (b) Replace ‘offers’ with ‘offering’.

Ans.17. (c) Use ‘Have’ in place of ‘has’.

Ans.18. (c) Replace ‘and’ with ‘but’. To show two contrasting qualities of same subject, use of ‘but’ is preferred rather than ‘and’.

Ans.19. (b) Replace ‘certain’ with ‘a certain’.

Ans.20. (e) No error.

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