Solution to the quiz

1. (4) consecutive (Adjective) : following continuously
successive (Adjective) : coming one after the other without a break; consecutive
rapid (Adjective) : done in a brief period of time
victorious (Adjective) : having won
beneficent (Adjective) : doing or producing good

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2. (3) demolish (Verb) : destroy completely
ravage (Verb) : to destroy something badly
destroy (Verb) : to do away with; destruct; to damage so badly that it no/longer works or exists.
break (Verb) : to damage in such a way that it is separated into two or more parts
abolish (Verb) : to do away with ; to get rid of

3. (3) irrational (Adjective) : not based on clear logical thought
superstitious (Adjective) : believing in superstition – the belief that particular events happen in a way that cannot be explained by reason or science
pious (Adjective) : having or showing or expressing a great feeling for a deity
traditional (Adjective) : being part of the beliefs, customs or way of life of a particular group of people
sacred (Adjective) : connected with good ; considered to be holy

4. (1) guide (Noun) : someone who shows the way by leading or advising
mentor (Noun) : a wise and trusted guide and advisor
genius (Noun) : someone who has exceptional intellectual ability
stylist (Noun) : someone whose job is cutting and shaping people’s hair
philosopher (Noun) : someone who writes or studies about philosophy

5. (2) adorn (Verb) : to make somebody/something look more attractive by decorating it with something
garnish (Verb) : to decorate a dish of food with a small amount of another food paint (Verb) : to cover a surface or object with a liquid to give it a particular colour
garner (Verb) : to obtain or collect something such as information, support etc.; gather; acquire
banish (Verb) : to order somebody to leave a place, especially a country, as a punishment.

6. (4) fruitless (Adjective) : unproductive of success ; producing no useful results ; unproductive
infructuous (Adjective) : not producing good result ; fruitless
meaningless (Adjective) : having no meaning
unnecessary (Adjective) : not necessary
redundant (Adjective) : more than is needed, desired or required

7. (4) loyalty (Noun) : the quality of being faithful
fidelity (Noun) : the quality of being loyal to somebody/something ; loyalty ; a faithful attitude towards somebody/something
affection (Noun) : a positive feeling of liking
allegiance (Noun) : a person’s continued support for a political party, religion, etc.
accuracy (Noun) : the state of being exact or correct

8. (2) rough (Adjective) : unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound
gruff (Adjective) : deep and rough and often sounding unfriendly
hard (Adjective) : not easy
tough (Adjective) : not given to gentleness
sturdy (Adjective) : having rugged physical strength

9. (1) mournful (Adjective) : mournful; sad; miserable
doleful (adjective) : mournful; sad; miserable
sober (Adjective) : serious and sensible
regretful (Adjective) : feeling or showing sadness or disappointment
cheerless (Adjective) : lacking happiness

10. (2) deadly (Adjective) : causing death
fatal (Adjective) : causing or ending in death, causing disaster
terrible (Adjective) : very unpleasant
poisonous (Adjective) : not safe to eat
wrong (Adjective) : not correct

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