Solution to the quiz

1. (4)extinction (Noun) : the state of stopping to live or exist
survival (Noun) : the state of continuing to live or exist, despite difficulty or danger
evolution (Noun) : the gradual development of something
development (Noun) : the gradual growth of something
creation (Noun) : the act or process of making something/causing something to exist

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2. (2) extract (Verb) : to remove or obtain a substance from something
insert (verb) : to put something into something else
depict (Verb) : to show an image of somebody or something in a picture
defame (Verb) : to harm somebody by saying or writing bad or false things about him
enhance (Verb) : to increase or improve the good quality, value or status of somebody/something

3. (4) harmonious (Adjective) : friendly, peaceful and without any disagreement ; pleasing
incongruous (Adjective) : strange and not suitable in a particular situation ; inappropriate
conflicting (Adjective) : in disagreement ; contradictory
contradictory (Adjective) : containing and showing a lack of agreement ; conflicting
ill-matched (Adjective) : not well suited to or appropriate for each other

4. (1)sensible (Adjective) : able to make good judgement based on reason and experience rather than emotion; being practical
demented (Adjective) : behaving in a crazy way because you are extremely upset or worried
sensitive (Adjective) : aware of and being able to understand other people and their feelings
sensual (Adjective) : connected with your physical feelings
sensuous (Adjective) : giving pleasure to your senses

5. (3)premeditated (Adjective) : planned in advance
impromptu (Adjective) : done without preparation or planning; improvised
prompt (Adjective) : done without delay ; immediate
forced (Adjective) : happening or done against somebody’s will
inordinate (Adjective) : far more than is usual or expected ; excessive

6. (1)friendly (Adjective) : behaving in a kind and pleasant way
hostile (Adjective) : very unfriendly or aggressive and ready to argue or fight
sudden (Adjective) : happening or done quickly and unexpectedly
costly (Adjective) : expensive ; costing a lot of money
unfair (Adjective) : not right ; unjust

7. (2)narrowness (Noun) : the state of being narrow ; restrictedness
breadth (Noun) : width ; how broad or wide something is
shortness (Noun) : the state of being short
lightness (Noun) : the state of being light; not heavy
thickness (Noun) : the state of being thick

8. (4) bold (Adjective) : brave and confident ; having a strong clean appearance
timorous (Adjective) : nervous and easily frightened ; timid
trembling (Adjective) : having a feeling of nervousness, excitement, fright ; quivering
cowardly (Adjective) : lacking courage
bright (Adjective) : full of light ; cheerful and lively ; intelligent

9. (2)ludicrous (Adjective) : unreasonable ; absurd ; ridiculous
sublime (Adjective) : of very high quality and causing great admiration
amusing (Adjective) : funny and enjoyable
hilarious (Adjective) : extremely funny
mean (Adjective) : not generous

10. (1)normalcy (Noun) : a situation where everything is normal ; normality
eccentricity (Noun) : behaviour that people think is strange or unusual ; the quality of being unusual and different from other people
similarity (Noun) : the state of being alike but not exactly the same ; resemblance
equality (Noun) : the fact of being equal in rights, status, advantages, etc.
clarity (Noun) : the quality of being expressed clearly

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