Solution to the quiz

1. (4) escape (Verb) :get away from a place
elude (Verb) : escape
allure (Verb) : tempt ; entice to do
leave (Verb) : the act of desparing
deceive (Verb) : be false to ; be dishonest with

2. (3) forewarning (Noun) : an early warning about a future event; premonition
premonition (Noun) : a feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen insight (Noun) : a feeling of understanding
uncertainty (Noun) : being in doubt
scope (Noun) : an area in which something acts or operates

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3. (4) disparaging (Adjective) : expressive of low opinion ; derogatory
derogatory (Adjective) : showing a critical attitude to somebody’s reputation; insulting; disparaging
injurious (Adjective) : harmful to living things
shattering (Adjective) : very shocking and upsetting
destructive (Adjective) : causing destruction or much damage

4. (4) wandering (Adjective) : groups of people tending to travel and change settlements frequently; nomadic
nomadic (Adjective): groups of people tending to travel and change settlements frequently ; wandering
fighting (Adjective) : a clash in which people try to defeat one another
rare (Adjective) : not done, seen, happening very often
strange (Adjective): unusual or surprising

5. (2) restless (Adjective) : unable to stay still
restive (Adjective) : unable to stay still or unwilling to be controlled, especially because you are bored or not satisfied
rested (Adjective) : feeling healthy and full of energy because you have had a rest limited (Adjective) : not very great in amount ; restricted
limitless (Adjective) : without a limit ; infinite

6. (3) wrongly (Adverb) : not correctly; incorrect
erroneously (Adverb) : not correctly ; wrongly
previously (Adverb) : prior to ; happened or existed before the event
effectively (Adverb) : in a way that produces a successful result
evidently (Adverb) : clearly; that can be seen or understood easily

7. (3) separated (Adjective) : no longer with the other partner
estranged (Adjective) : no longer with the other partner; no longer friendly
jealous (Adjective) : feeling angry or unhappy with other’s advantages
angry (Adjective) : having strong feeling about something that you dislike very much
suspicious (adjective) : feeling that somebody has done something wrong

8. (4) surrender (Verb) : to admit that you have been defeated and you want to stop fighting
capitulate (Verb) : to agree to do something that you have been refusing to do for a long time
repeat (Verb) : to say or write something again and again
execute (Verb) : to do a piece of work, perform a duty, put a plan into action, etc. summarize (Verb) : to give the main points of something

9. (2) appease (Verb) : to make somebody calm by praising/ pleasing him
propitiate (Verb) : to stop somebody from being angry by trying to please him
conform (Verb) : to behave and think in the same way as most other people
influence (Verb) : to have an effect on the way that somebody behaves or thinks
approach (Verb) : to speak to somebody about something

10. (2) formal (Adjective) : being according to established forms and requirements (eg. of formal dress, speech, writing, behaviour etc.)
ceremonial (Adjective) : relating to a ceremony that includes formal and traditional actions
religious (Adjective) : relating to religion or spiritual things
official (Adjective) : relating to the job of somebody who is in a position of authority
pompous (Adjective) : showing that you think you are more important than other people, especially by using long and formal words

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