Solution to the quiz

Q1. Option A
The increase in supply always triggers a reduction in the prices.

Q2. Option A
A sharp decline in oilseed production is bound to reduce oil supply and import of oil is the only means to restore the essential supply.

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Q3. Option C
The increase in the fees of the private colleges and there being no increase in the same in Government colleges seem to be policy matters undertaken by the individual decisive boards at the two levels.

Q4. Option E
Evacuating low-lying areas and rushing in relief to the affected areas clearly indicates that floods have occurred in the area.

Q5. Option B
The increase in number of asthma cases must have alerted the authorities to take action to control air pollution that triggers the disease.

Q6. Option B
Clearly, withdrawal of funds by society members is bound to reduce the lending power of the society.

Q7. Option D
The employees of a bank going on strike and the government employees calling off their protest seem to be two independent events that might have been triggered by individual causes.

Q8. Option B
Clearly, the people’s mass protest against the police might have instigated the latter to indulge in lathi-charge to disperse the mob.

Q9. Option A
The comparatively higher sales in a particular locality are indicative of the high paying capacity of the residents of that locality.

Q10 Option A
Explanation: Stress in everyday life is a major cause of frustration among the youth and is bound to lead them to take harsh steps as suicide.

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