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Q1. (1)veteran
veteran (N.) : a person with a long experience of any occupation.
genius (N.) : a person who is unusually intelligent or who has a very high level of skill.
seasoned (Adj.) : a person having a lot of experience of a particular activity.
ambidextrous (Adj.) : a person who can use both hands equally well

Q2. (4)epitaph
epitaph (N.) : words written on a tomb
epithet (N.) : defamatory/ offensive/abusive words/phrases
epigraph (N.) : an engraved inscription
soliloquy (N.) : a dramatic speech; monologue

Q3. (3) surreptitious
surreptitious (Adj.) : stealthily done; secretly done
devious (Adj.) : behaving in a dishonest way
nefarious (Adj.) : criminal
villainous (Adj.) : very evil and unpleasant

Q4. (3) obosolete
obsolete (Adj.) : something no longer in use
desolate (Adj.) : empty and without people, making you feel sad/ frightened
absolute (Adj.) : total and complete
primitive (Adj.) : belonging to an early stage in the development of humans and animals

Q5. (2) amoral
amoral (Adj.) : not following any moral rules and not caring about right/wrong
moral (Adj.) : concerned with principles of right and wrong behaviour
immoral (Adj.) : not considered to be good or honest by most people
immortal (Adj.) : that lives or lasts forever

Q6. (2) Pacifist
pacifist (N.) : a person who opposes war or use of military force
fascist (N.) : a person who supports an attitude which is in favour of strong central government and which does not allow any opposition
narcissist (N.) : a person who has the habit of admiring himself too much
fatalist (N.) : a person who believes in fate

Q7. (3) scurrilous
scurrilous (Adj.) : severely abusive writing in journals
imaginary (Adj.) : existing only in your mind
speculative (Adj.) : based on guessing/on opinions that have been formed without knowing all the facts
sarcastic (Adj.) : expressing or expressive of ridicule that hurts

Q8. (1)invocation
invocation (N.) : Call upon God or any other power (like law), etc. for help or protection
involution (N.) : the action of embracing something
inundation (N.) : the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land
revocation (N.) : the act of cancelling a law, etc

Q9. (2)claustrophobia
claustrophobia (N.) : an extreme fear of being in a small confined place
agoraphobia (N.) : a fear of being in public places where there are many other people
xenophobia (N.) : a fear of people from other countries
paraphobia (N.) : a fear of other people when there is no evidence or reason for this

Q10. (3) addict
addict (N.) : a person who is unable to stop taking harmful drugs
adamant (Adj.) : determined not to change your mind
edict (N.) : an official order or statement given by somebody in authority
derelict (N.) : a person without a home, a job or property