Spot The Error Quiz Solution

Q1. D: Replace ‘it’ with ‘so’

Q2. C: Replace ‘to claim that’ with ‘claiming’

Q3. D: Replace ‘for’ with ‘about’ or ‘over’

Q4. E: No Error

Q5. B: Replace ‘for’ with ‘on’

Q6. C: Substitute forgotten. 

Q7. D: Substitute rethinking. 

Q8. B:  Substitute is. 

Q9. E: No Error

Q10. C: Substitute make.

Q11. D: Replace ‘for’ with ‘to’ 

Q12  E: No error

Q13 D: Replace ‘them’ with ‘themselves’ 

Q14 B: Replace ‘orating’ with ‘oratory’

Q15 C: Replace ‘airline’ with ‘airlines’